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Kerzner chapter 25

In this chapter of Kerzner, the author has mainly cited about planning, scheduling and controlling. This chapter helps to gain complete information about the best practices related to project management such as planning, scheduling and controlling.

Project planning

  • Helps to develop a stakeholder management strategy that evaluates level of engagement, KPI and developing strategies for stakeholders
  • Helps to define objectives for creating clear targets

Project scheduling

  • Helps in determining milestones
  • Helps to develop WBS
  • Develop milestones with the help of Gantt charts
  • Critical chain theory

Project controlling

  • Helps to create standards and procedures
  • Assure that quality is both developed into and audited for project
  • Helps to determine project status
  • Helps to utilise earned value management

How to apply Agile Project Management

Agile project management becomes a gold mine of productivity and best project outcomes. The process can be decomposed into five crucial phases:

  • Get rid of stiff processes to involve agile project management: Agile project management needs the potential to adjust amendments and change plans when necessary. Thus, the project manager must strive to prevent rigid structure in the processes.
  • Define reasonable changes: Project managers require specifying what changes are acceptable and what are not acceptable.
  • Specifying key persons for leading the Agile charge: The project management requires specifying three leading groups that involve project teams, owners and project manager.
  • Involve self-management strategies across all teams: Enabling teams to self-manage their process is the final step in involving and applying agile project management procedures.

How to manage complex projects

  • Understand what is complex and uncertain about a project: When there is organisational complexity due to the secondary committee a team leader should deal with, they tend to cut back on these committees.
  • Determine the best expertise which is required to manage complexity and uncertainty
  • Reduce any complexity or uncertainty that you can get through insights from those with various expertise
  • Embrace whatever difficulty remains

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