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Kerzner chapter 2

In the second chapter of Kerzner, he concentrates on the project management growth. The growth of project manager is traced through facts like organisational structures, roles and responsibilities, corporate profitability and delegation of authority. The author has thoroughly explained all the substantive phases of the projected growth.

Kerzner chapter 21

Contracts and procurement are summarised in this chapter. These are most essential facts in creating a proposal, and project profit is a form of the contract expected. Procurement is known as the acquisition of services or goods. This process includes two entities with distinct objectives who communicate in a defined market segment.

The findings and learning of both these chapters are mentioned in the below-defined format:

Topic and reading samples.

Your learning outcomes from this course.

Learnings from your experience.

Supporting documentation including your prior learnings.






History of project management and its contribution

The significance of project management is a crucial topic as every organisation is large or small is engaged in implementing new undertakings. All these undertakings are diverse as the development of new services or products, the creation of new production line or major building programme. While the 1980s were associated with quality, 1990s were linked with globalisation, 2000s is all about velocity. Developing project management abilities in the organisations simultaneously with applications of information system enables the organisational team to work in a partnership in specifying plans and handling take to the market project by synchronising resource allocations and schedules. The project manager has been accomplished for thousands of years engaging back to Egyptian period. But in the mid-1950s, an organisation started enforcing formal tools and techniques of project management. Modern project management techniques had their roots in two parallel but various issues of plan and control in the project in the U.S.

Benefits of using project management

The project manager is defined as an incredibly essential business discipline, necessary to assure the success of tactical, organisational initiatives. There are various benefits of having project management defined as follows:

  • Optimise resource allocation: By leveraging a collective project management tool, you will gain insight into who is allocated to what and assure you work on the right
  • Centralise project reporting: By implementing a project management tool, you provide the complete team with a central location to handle your projects. When project information resides in the unique central system, you can easily know where to make updates and can simple drill down into project description when desired.
  • Improve task management and visibility: Through a collaborative project management tool, it helps every member to prioritize and manage the work in an efficient manner. It also makes it simple for employees to update the progress and bring visibility to any problems being encountered.

Project life cycle

A project life cycle is defined as four-phase process adopted by the project manager while moving across the phases of project completion. This is referred to standard project life cycle where most of the people are familiar with. It provides a framework to manage any form of project in business. It is known as a process using which team can accomplish success of a project.

Need for project management methodologies

  • Strategic benefit: Project methodology is essential to offer confidence to partners, customers and senior management that the delivery enterprise can handle the wide project and forward them profitably.
  • Tactical benefit: The methodology enables the off-site manager to have confidence in the validation of status evaluation.
  • Operational benefit: At the operational level, project methodology is a key means through which delivery enterprise empowers project team to perform a right task, the right way, at the first

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