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Kerzner chapter 1.14-1.16

In these two sub-sections, the author has explained the principles of project management which can be applied to any form of project. Project management success largely depends on the location of the project manager in an organisation. The salary of project manager must lie in between grades i.e. 20 and 25. The ultimate location of project manager relies on whether the enterprise is project or non-project driven. Several organisations specifically project driven enterprises have distinct views of project management. This project system is crucial in getting complex jobs performed well on time.

Kerzner chapter 3

Organisational structure is summarised in this chapter as there has been revolution in the development of advanced organisational structure. Four major factors have been determined that leads to onset of organisational revolution:

  • Technological revolution
  • High marketing cost
  • Competition as well as profit squeeze
  • Unpredictability of customer demands

Organisations are defined as group of individuals who should co-ordinate their processes to fulfil the organisational objectives. Organisational structures are defined by these factors and its rate of complexity, products, resource availability and decision making requirements.

Students can demonstrate the learning on the basis of experience in a following format:

Topic and reading samples.

Your learning outcomes from this course.

Learnings from your experience.

Supporting documentation including your prior learnings.







Different ways of classifying projects

According to complexity

  • Simple: A project can be categorised as simple when relationships among tasks are basic and thorough planning is don’t required.
  • Complicated: A project network is wide and complicated as there exist various inter-dependencies.

According to source of capital:

  • Private: Finance comes from private or business incentives
  • Public: Finance comes from governmental organisation
  • Mixed: Finance comes from collective source of both private and public funding

According to project content:

  • Business: These types of projects are included with development of business management of cost management, work team etc.
  • Service or product production: These are the project that includes them for developing an innovative service, designing of new product etc.

Senior project manager: Job description

A senior project manager is viable for leading staff to deliver project that stretch across different business units. A senior project manager is authorised to execute project on a regular basis. Validate that project generates the desired deliverables of quality in a defined limitations of cost and time so as to accomplish potential beneficiaries depicted in the business case.


  • Handle a portfolio of complicated initiatives which spans different lines of business.
  • Control different aspects of project to assure that complete program has alignment and supports accomplishment of tactical targets.
  • Work analytically and creatively in problem solving environment that demonstrates innovation, teamwork and excellence.
  • Control project scope and changes

Project organisational structures

Functional organisational structure: In this type of structure, project manager and resources work in the same organisation.


  • It performs well for small projects and small team as function has complete control over the resources and team members desired.
  • You can also restrict project communication tool that you need to use.


It leads to work falling through cracks when project managers don’t work agreeably together.

Matrix organisational structure

In this structure, resources are shared across business as project work and usual work. This structure separates power and authority among functional and division project manager.


  • Resources can be involved effectively and move across between projects when desired.
  • Various activities can be performed parallely in this phase


  • Resources might have conflict regarding development path they involve for future careers
  • There might also exists conflicts among usual tasks of business and project work for individuals.

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