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Kerzner chapter 1.8-1.10

A three ledged stool also is known as success in project management is demonstrated in this chapter. The initial leg is a project manager, the second leg is a line manager, and the third leg is senior management. A crucial node in project management is the interface between the project manager and line manager. Moreover, the ultimate target of project sponsor is also specified in this chapter that guides project personnel behind the scenes. When executive acts as a project sponsor, then executives can effectively gain responsibility to make timely and efficient project decisions. The main responsibility of project manager is to make a plan as he gives an overall summary of definitions of tasks to be achieved. Corporations enable employees to thing up innovative ideas and when approved will provide monetary rewards for that idea generator. One of the best rewards is naming that individual as “project champion”.

Kerzner chapter 10-11.25

The traditional responsibility of senior management is to function as project sponsors. The responsibility of project sponsor takes on various dimensions by phases of project life cycle. In chapter 11, Kerzner highlights the concept of planning as an aggregation of planning processes is crucial as every functional unit might create its planning report with little context for functional units. Planning in a project environment is described as creating a defined course of action in a forecasted environment.

Apart from these chapters, students need to describe the learning after analysing some questions related to the project management.

Factors to be involved in creating a solid project plan

  • Baselines: Baselines are essential for creating a solid project plan as these helps to measure the performance of the complete These are the three initiating points of the project and involve schedule, scope as well as cost baselines.
  • Baseline management plan: In this plan, project manager involve report about how variance to the baseline will be managed across the project. Every project baseline will need to be managed and reviewed.

Project management begins to turn into over management

Project management starts to turn into over management when project manager places a priority on “managing” rather than achieving the objectives framed for the project. Over-management started occurring when project manager concentrates more on personnel management and nor controlling overall project. For example, Project manager makes modifications without consultation with executives or line managers.

Roles and responsibilities of programme manager

A programme manager is viable for successful delivery of the overall proposed change, co-ordination of programme project along with inter-dependency management. On behalf of the senior responsible owner, he is viable for delivering changes. The role involves co-ordination of the advance capabilities for business to encourage efficient changes and realisation of projected advantages.

Responsibilities of programme manager

  • Specify the programme’s governance arrangements
  • Assure effective assurance of quality and complete programme integrity
  • Manage third part contribution to programme
  • Manage risk to successful outcome of programme

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