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Kerzner chapter 11.9-11.14

The importance of work break down structure is thoroughly summarised by Kerzner in this chapter. Successful accomplishment of both corporate and contract objectives needs a plan that needs an effort to be extended. Preparing this plan is the sole responsibility of the project manager who is instructed by program team as per the directives of the program management system. WBS is a product-oriented family tree sub-division of services, data and hardware desired to create an end product. It acts as a vehicle for decomposing the work down into individual elements. Along with that, the role of the executive in the selection of a project is also depicted. As per the financial context, selection of a project is a two-phase process where initially the organisation conducts feasibility studies and in another phase, benefit to cost analysis is performed for validating the business of the organisation.

Kerzner chapter 11.22-11.29

In this specific sub-section, the original concept of the project charter is defined. Currently, the project charter is a crucial legal report determined by legal manager and management. The project chart developed will incorporate:

  • Evaluation of project manager and his responsibility to assign resources to the project
  • Business objective that the project performs to address involving assumptions and constraints
  • Condition summary demonstrating the project

As planning phase offer fundamental principles for project remainder, careful management control should be developed. Management policies, as well as directives, are documented especially to help program manager in specifying the requirements. After that emphasizes is laid on the interface existing between the project manager and line manager.

Some other questions that require being answered by students are mentioned as beneath. Students have to provide their reflection or learning for every question in this portfolio.

Developing project specifications

Find the best template that works for the project.

You need to start with:

  • Project description and objectives
  • List of screen with different features
  • User stories
  • Outline wireframes and mock-ups
  • Technological stack and other associated information

Collaborative online vision

Complete the first version

Writer according to the customer perspective

Problems linked with work break down structure

Not knowing when to stop:

 Creating a WBS at high level implies you lack the relevant information to put together in the project schedule.

Discussing the sequence:

 The process of creating WBS is diverted when conversations are turned into a discussion of what is going to happen when.

Not grouping activities:

The objective of combining activities prior you move them to final WBS location is to view themes. If you don’t spend time on this phase, you might find yourself shifting wide amount sticky notes.

Configuration management

Configuration management is a system engineering process for assuring consistency between physical as well as logical assets in the operational environment. This seeks to determine and track unique configuration items, report functional interdependencies and capabilities. Technicians, software developers and administrators involve tools of configuration management to validate the impact a change of configuration item on another system.

Project charter

A project charter is known as a statement of objectives, scope and people who are engaged in the project. It initiates with the process of defining role and responsibilities who outlines the objectives of the project.

How to develop a project charter

  • Create a project vision
  • Catalog organisation of project
  • Plan the strategy for implementation
  • Specify the risk and issues

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