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It is a dream of most of the students to get their writing published online, and unfortunately, not every university can provide this opportunity to the students. Charles Sturt University came up with an innovative idea of providing its student and the staff a new platform through which they can publish their blogs and portfolios online. In this way, everyone will be aware of the research which has been carried out by the person who has uploaded the material on ThinkSpace.

Thus, ThinkSpace is an online publishing environment which is provided by Charles Sturt University for their students and staff for creating portfolios, project websites or learning journals for the use of individuals, groups and courses. The ThinkSpace platform is supported by the School of Information Studies.

How to publish:

Charles Sturt University aimed to provide a user-friendly platform for their students and staff to upload their blogs. Given below are the steps which they need to follow.

1. Login Details:

To upload the blogs and portfolios, the initial requirements are Login ID and the Password.

  1. Search for the assignment which needs blogs:

There are a few assignments in which a student needs to upload blogs; the student needs to search for that assignment. The university will provide a link of ThinkSpace for that particular assignment. By clicking on the link, the student can register himself/herself.

3. Setting the first blog:

Next step is to set up the first blog. The student needs to Sign-Up/ Login to ThinkSpace.

  1. Choose Site name:

After Login/Sign-up the student needs to select a name for their site on which the blog will be displayed.

To make it unique, the student needs to use the student ID, and their name in the name of the site, Name and student ID is used to make it different from any other site name.

The format of site’s name = StudentidName (Student ID and the Name of the student without any space)

  1. Select the title of the site:

The student needs to select a topic on which the blog is made. That topic will be used to create the title of the site. If a person is going to read the blog which is uploaded by a student, the person should get an idea about the blog by looking at the title of the site.

The format of the Site’s title = topic name

6. Create site and upload blogs:

Once all the steps are completed, the student can create a personal site and upload the blogs.


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