The Trends in The Concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

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The industry which wants to be the first to use the changes in technology is IT. The trend in the industry is BYOD- Bring Your Own Device. Under this, the current employees of the sector have BYOD as a policy which allow the employees to do so. For example, using personal smartphone for the official work. All the other devices, such as tablets, laptops and secondary devices such as USB drives.

Cloud Strategy is a concept which if comprehended will help you in understanding BYOD.

Let us have a look at the advantages of the concept-

  1. COST-EFFECTIVE- The first and foremost benefit of the policy of letting the employees bring their own device to the office is cost savings. Now the companies can cut their cost by saving on the hardware and the software licensing.
  2. FLEXIBILITY- Employees’ productivity and created can be boosted with the help of the policy. Their satisfaction level will also increase while working on their personal devices. Its employees would be more comfortable, happy. Hence, the company would be benefitted in the either ways.
  3. CONVENIENCE- Now the employees don’t need to handle multiple devices. Sticking on one phone and keeping the other in the pocket making the things manageable.

There are several challenges which come across the implementation of BYOD. Take a look-

  1. SECURITY- It is the most crucial thing. There are no ways in which security can be maintained on the employees’ personal devices. The policy might include encrypting sensitive data, limiting corporate access to non-sensitive areas.
  2. DATA SEPARATION- Data separation when the employees leave the company becomes an issue.
  3. DATA PROTECTION- The employees have all the access to the hardware and software. They can download the database consisting of all the information and access all the official emails and documents.


  1. Be safe and keep safe- You need to maintain the security and the employee identity. It is important part of information security to do. You can do it in several ways such as MFA, set up conditional access policies, Enable SSO, these will help you in the classification and the protection of the sensitive data.
  2. Think and act- Being reactive is not what you are supposed to do. You can be proactive, but not reactive. You can provision identities through Azure ID, use Microsoft Intune for enrolling the devices and App Protection for setting up.

All these things will help you in keeping the data safe from breaching and threats.


  1. Make a list of the acceptable devices-

Specify what devices are permitted from Microsoft and Android handhelds, iOS-based phones and iPads. Tell your employees about the variety of devices acceptable at the company.

  1. Stick to one security policy- Establish one security policy for all devices. Keep a complex password for letting your employees use their personal devices with your apps and systems. Passwords for the lock screen is fine but along with it, you need to secure the vital programs and systems from their devices as well.

Tip- A strong and a lengthy password, complex and a strong password is required. For robust security program, use complex security systems.

  1. Think of the apps you want to allow-

You need to enlist the applications and the software which would be running and connecting to your environment.

What do you need consider?

You need to keep a check on the usage of the social media, email applications, and the virtual private networks and control their usage.

Other questions you need to answer?

Think whether you would allow the users to install, download, install and use applications. The legal risk on the devices and the security purpose are concerned due to the free access to the company’s work.

  1. Decide exit strategy

Most of the companies do the mistake of forgetting about this situation.  But set up a strategy depicting what would be done when an employee leave. Think of the policies to be enforced on email and data access.

What could be the best solution?

You can have an exit checklist where you can set clause of backing up the personal data of the employee and cleaning wipe of the BYOD-enabled device.

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