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Case Study

The SET (School of Engineering and Technology) Indigenization Committee is having interest in the projects, which provide visibility to the oldest living culture of the world by acknowledging the traditional owners by naming or renaming the chosen premises of University in honor of identities/tribes of local indigenous. This project would involve the choosing suitable premises that operated or owned by the university, constructing as well as erecting the signs also called as signage, plaques and also organizing the naming ceremonies in order to commemorate particular event. It is basically anticipated number of premises as well as naming ceremonies will also happen across various campuses of University.

The Committee has also requested where indigenous artists as well as performers can be involved in that naming ceremonies. After making some discussion, all the members of Committee agreed that this type of project would be very challenging but also considered as worthwhile.

The chair of this committee requires some further information before any arising the idea with the funding body. This committee agreed that it would be effective to release the plan for the project to coincide with National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) week on July 2020.

The SET (School of Engineering and Technology) Indigenization Committee has made a request for the project in order to acknowledge the local indigenous identities/tribes by naming or renaming the chosen premises of University:

  • Erecting and constructing signs
  • Designing & Erecting plaques
  • Staging and organizing naming/renaming ceremonies

The SET (School of Engineering and Technology) Indigenization Committee has effectively indicated that all the members related ton local Aboriginal and Islander communities can play a role of stakeholders in this particular project. This committee has also requested that at the time of this project, all the contacts with these communities must be undertaken in appropriate manner in context of culture and respect.

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