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Implementation is referred as a process which converts strategies as well as plans into actions for accomplishing strategic goals and objectives. Critical actions facilitate strategic plan from a report that lies on the shelf to actions, thus driving the growth of the business. This strategic plan offers a roadmap to business desired by it for pursuing specific strategic direction, delivering consumer value and become successful.

Necessary support for implementation

The key components essential for supporting implementation are resources, people, system, structure and culture. Every component should be in appropriate place to migrate from generating a plan to activating a plan.


The initial phase of plan implementation is to assure to have right persons on board. The right persons involve folks having desired competencies as well as skills which are desired for supporting a plan.


There is need to involve enough time and sufficient time for supporting implementation. True cost can involve realistic time commitment from employees to acquire objectives or unexpected expense overrun by vendors.


Determine the management structure, adequate authority lines and open communication line with employees. Plan owners, as well as periodic strategy meetings, are simplest techniques to make a structure in the place. To review the progress, meetings must be schedule quarterly or monthly according to the activity level and time interval of a plan.


Both technology and management systems assist to track the plan progress and make it simple to adapt to changes. As a component of the system, develop milestones in a plan that should be acquired within the particular time interval. A scorecard is a tool involved by various enterprises which includes progress tracking as well as milestones.


Develop an environment which connects employees to the organisational missions and make them comfortable. To strengthen the necessity of concentrating on vision and strategy, reward success. Create some innovative positive as well as negative impacts for acquiring or not acquiring the strategy.

Identify your plan of attack

Implementation of the plan involves various pieces. Below defined steps can be followed for the base implementation plan.

  • Finalise the strategic plan after receiving input from different invested entities
  • Align the budgets to annual objectives by financial evaluation
  • Create different versions of plan for every group
  • Generate a scorecard system for tracking and governing the plan
  • Create performance management as well as reward system
  • Set up strategy meetings to be held monthly with generated reporting to govern the progress
  • Set up yearly strategic review dates, involving advanced assessment along with large group meeting for annual review of the plan.

Avoiding implementation pitfalls

  • Lack of communication: The plan is not communicated to team, and thus they don’t know how they contribute
  • Out of the ordinary: Plan is managed as something isolated and is removed from the complete process of management.
  • Lack of ownership: Another common reason why plan gets failed is due to lack of ownership. When persons don’t follow their responsibilities in the plan, then it leads to the downfall in the implementation.
  • No accountability: Accountability, as well as high visibility, helps to drive change. This implies that every data source, objective and measure should have an owner.
  • Lack of empowerment: Though accountability might give strong inspiration for enhancing performance, employees should be given responsibility, authority and tools essential to affect relevant principles.
  • A meaningless plan: The mission, vision along with value statements are analysed as scrum and not supported by activities.
  • An overwhelming plan: The actions and goals developed in strategic plan session are highly numerous because employees failed to make hard choices for eliminating non-critical tasks. Team members don’t possess information about where to start.

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