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Shared wireless medium is about the sharing of the wireless network by different devices to perform communication and transmission of data from one device to another. In the field of telecommunication, it is known as a medium through which the information is transferred to more than one device at the same time. Most of the channels in the shared wireless medium perform perfectly when there is one user transmitting the data. If there more than one device transmitting the data, it could bring the traffic congestion in the wireless network. In order to overcome this issue, the circuit switching is used in the shared wireless medium that helps in mitigating the risks of traffic congestion. The switching circuit fixes the share of the channel for the nodes to transfer the data to their destination.

The shared wireless medium offers the number of benefits to the company in regards to the connection of different nodes to the network of the company. But there are some points which are discussed below:

  1. Shared Bandwidth: In the wireless network, there are different nodes connected to one network, and this divides the bandwidth among the nodes. Because of this, the limited bandwidth is divided among the nodes attached to the network to use whereas, in the Ethernet network, the dedicated segments are provided to the nodes through which the nodes can access the maximum speed all the time.
  2. Collisions: Another big problem that the shared wireless medium encounter is the traffic collisions in the network. When there are many nodes access the network at the same time, there are more chances that the data requests send by them may collide in the network. This affects the speed of the internet as the data would reach late to a destination because of a traffic collision in the network. In the Ethernet networks like BASE2 used to work around the problem that is related to the collision detection in which the transmitter detects the transmission request from another system and abort the transmission request of one machine. In case of shared wireless medium, it is still a problem to manage the collision. There are few factors that make it complicated for the shared wireless network:
    1. Wireless devices are the devices that cannot transmit or listen to the data at the same time.
    2. It is a restriction in the shared wireless medium that a device cannot see all the devices that are connected to same AP.

There are different algorithms available which can be adapted to avoid the collision avoidance. In this algorithm, the wireless client has to wait for the idle period on the channel to make it is the right time to send the data.

  1. Channel Overlap: Another major problem with the wireless network is the way that the different channels available, is very misleading. Even though the spectrum of 2.4 GHz utilised by 802.11g and 802.11b has fourteen different channels available, the majority of the channels available on the spectrum overlap with each other significantly.

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