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The first step is to provide website overview – in this step, you will clearly define the goal of your site, the aim behind website development, and name of website should be mentioned along with its source. For example – if you are designing a website for the grocery store than you will mention the details of grocery store such as name, items store deals in along with its price, timing information of store. You are also supposed to mention the link of your website which is very important. The goal of this website could be providing the customers with online food delivery services and aim could be increasing business and customer rate.


In this step, you will identify the main features of your website, this will be done by examining the website designed, you will open the link of website on browser (Firefox, chrome or any other), after that you will analyze that what website is offering to user. For this you will surf every page of your website and note down the important features. You will check whether the designed website is providing accurate details about particular source, you will analyze the responsiveness of website by executing it on different browsers and smartphone, you will check that whether all links and buttons provided are working well or not, analysis of content is also very important, that whether the provided details are accurate and useful.


Here in this section, you have to highlight all positive and negative factors of your website, this will be done by analyzing the website from its core. The positive factors of website will only include those factors that are beneficial for website user. For example – if the site responds back in a very less time than it is positive factor and if site is taking lot of time to load a page than it will be considered as negative factor. Positive factors will always in the favor of website and negative factors will be against the website. Positive factors are those advantages that website is providing to user such as information about particular area. Negative factors are identified flaws in a website design – for example it could be unavailability of communication option.


In this phase you are supposed to review the site on different screen modes, for performing this task you have to make use of Google chrome simulator, you can also use other available simulator tools, but only recommended tool in question file should be used.

 For reviewing your website on different screen modes

  • Open your website on Google chrome browser
  • Inspect the website by selecting the last option on right click on website.
  • Now you can check the website view in different screen modes.
  • In the picture displayed above, you can see the drop down menu, from this drop down menu you can select your website view for different devices like smartphone, desktop, tablets.
  • You can also view your website in landscape mode and in portrait mode, this could be done by the option which is highlighted in the picture given below.

You have to provide information about all three categories, view in full screen, medium screen and small screen. For medium and small screen, you will view the website in landscape mode and portrait mode.


This step will be performed to analyze the usability of website, in this part you will collect the reviews different people who surfed the site, these people can be your family members, your relatives, friends and any of your known, but it is necessary that, they must review the site first, you have to mention the details of these individual like their age, gender, field in which they are working etc. (it is necessary that reviews must be collected on the basis of positive and negative factors identified in previous section).


In this part you will provide the recommendations for your website, these recommendations will help in betterment of website design and help to recover the flaws that has been identified in previous sections (based on negative factor analyzed).


To test the website usability on different browser, simulation tool will be used. This tool will help to analyze that whether the output of website is as per the requirement when viewed on different browsers.  You are supposed to take only recommended testing tool and if tool is not recommended than you can take testing tool as per your choice. You are also supposed to mention the features and limitations of recommended simulation tool.


In end, you will conclude the entire documentation, you will highlight all important aspects you have covered in this documentation and provide the short summary of entire task. You can also provide the details about recommendation and additional steps to be considered for website design. 

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