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Python is a high-level programming language that provides the simple and well-implemented programming technique for general purpose. The Python language is an open source of programming as it is completely free and can be utilised over different platforms to develop the project. The python language can be ported to .Net or Java virtual machines for programming purpose too. The python language also provides the assistance to the website developers as it allows the two dimension and three dimension programs for the dynamic website imaging. The python language also provides the assistance to do the data analytics for the organisations. Due to easy availability of the Python programming language, it is mostly used by many of the organisations to develop the system which could do the data analysis for the company. With the help of the Python language, the developers can prepare quality and complex programs that can perform the complex calculation for the data analytics. There are many dynamic websites which use the Python programming language such as Youtube, Google Search, Google App, Bit Torrent etc.

Which applications use Python?

There are various applications that utilise python languages such as Corel, D-Link, Philips and Honeywell. With the help of python language, it becomes easy for the organisation to perform the different task of the company. The organisations use python in the products that are used for Paint or designing purpose. With the help of python programs, the organisation can edit, draw as well as perform different graphics oriented activities in a better way. In the software known as PaintShop Pro, the python scripting is utilised. Honeywell is another software which is used for the purpose of documentation. Recording large document of the system is not an easy task. More data may also lead to the errors in data recording. Honeywell is a system which is utilised for testing related applications. These testing activities are executed with the help of python language. Along with this, the python in Honeywell is also used to control the cooperative environment between different applications. This helps the organisation to prepare the reports and documentation for the setup. There are many other applications that utilise the Python programing language for scripting and commands.

What is Data analysis?

Data analysis is a process in which the data is collected and maintained in a better manner so that it could become easy for the organisation to derive necessary information easily. The data analysis helps the company to make the figure out the patterns in the data that helps the company to take a decision. There are different methods that can be utilised for the collection of data from different data sources. Some of the data collection techniques are as described as underneath:

  1. Observation: Observation is a technique in which the data analyst observe the things and record the necessary information for planning. it is one of best technique as it helps the data analyst to acquire necessary information from the organisation without disturbing the process of organisation.
  2. Interviews: The interview in the data collection is a process in which the people talk face to face as a meeting. In the interview, the data analyst asks the questions to the person, and after receiving the answers, the data analyst can prepare the conclusion from it.

Along with this, there are some other techniques that can be used by the data analyst to gather the necessary information for the project. Survey and Group discussion are one of those techniques.

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