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Assignments like research literature review(itech 5500) mostly leave students helpless, especially those who do not know how to work on these assignments. These assignments require high-level writing skills and capability to conduct proper research work to acquire relevant information to work on the assignments. The Research Literature Review assignment requires working on the topic of self-efficacy for which students are required to work thoroughly on researching and finding information for the assignments. Students need to maintain a quality balance between the high-level writing skills and appropriateness of the information, which sometimes become difficult for the students. To handle this trouble, assignment writing help is what the students look for. This is what we are good at. Our assignment help service would provide the students with appropriate assistance through which students can excel in their assignment writing work.

What is self-efficacy?

The concept of self-efficacy is associated with the self-assessment and judgment through which one can evaluate that how effectively anyone can deal with different kinds of situations. In most cases, the self-efficacy allows the individual to understand the behaviour which would be portrayed in any action or situation or to acquire a solution for any query or obstacle. The human endeavour is what most affected by the aspect of self-efficacy. Through this concept, it could be judged that what type of choices is a person would be made for any challenge faced.

How to focus on self-efficacy informing the research literature review?

In the research literature review assignment, the student is required to take the topic of self-efficacy to form up the writing content. The student is required to conduct proper research on self-efficacy to understand the topic to extract relevant content through which assignment can be made. For forming the research literature review, it is highly necessary that certain learning outcomes should be addressed. These outcomes include the use of appropriate English and quality writing skills along with proper utilisation of the sources which are used to form up the literature review,

What sections are to be covered while working on Research Literature Review on Self-efficacy?

For working on research literature review on self-efficacy, it is necessary that the student should focus on the two parts of the assignment, part A and B.

Working on Part A

The part A of the assignment is the main section which is centred on the actual discussion about the topic of self-efficacy. Following are elements which are required to be covered in the part A of the assignment:

  1. Abstract and Introduction

A proper demonstration about the assignment would be highlighted through the abstract and introduction at the beginning of any further discussion about the main topic,i.e. self-efficacy.

  1. About self-efficacy and its importance

Further, the students need to write around 500 words about the concept of self-efficacy which should include a proper description of the topic. It should also be added on with the importance of the self-efficacy along with the factors which play any role in context to the aspect of self-efficacy.

  1. Literature Review

At least four academic papers should be taken as a source to work on the literature review on self-efficacy. The literature review only not only behaves as a summary of the topic but should also demonstrate the main points associated with the topic of self-efficacy. It would include all the answers to the intended research questions and should also portray that what kind of research is conducted by the researchers.

  1. Conclusion

To sum up, the conclusion should be provided, which should be able to summarise all the aspects covered in the part A of the assignment. This summarisation of the information should be done, keeping in mind the findings and the opinions which are acquired.

  1. Referencing

The student is required to do the appropriate APA referencing for the selected academic papers used for writing the assignment.

Working on Part B

For the second part of the assignment, the focus is relied on the fact of the individual assessment by the students. Personal thoughts associated with the topic of self-efficacy are required to be portrayed. Mainly two aspects are required to be covered in the second part of the assignment:

  1. The student needs to depict the occasions in which the student examined himself as portraying low self-efficacy which restricted him to achieve any specific goal.
  2. Secondly, the student is required to provide the ways through which he can successfully improve his self-efficacy.

Why students feel difficult to work on the research literature review assignment?

Focusing on the topic of self-efficacy, the students are required to conduct deep research work to extract relevant information to describe the topic. The students are required to dedicate specific time to look of relevant academic papers and to use it for writing the literature review accordingly. Even working on literature review needs proper time and dedication as a lot of aspects of the topic are required to be covered. It becomes difficult for the student to focus on multiple aspects related to the assignment and simultaneously work on it. For resolving, this issue the students keep on looking for writing services for help for this assignment.

How will Assignment Help4me provide the best assistance for the research literature review assignment?

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