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The quality management plan also called QMP is one of the main concepts of the project charter. Many of the students don’t have complete knowledge regarding this process due to which they face several problems while doing their assignments related to project charter. To get assistance from professional tutors, they are commonly searching for online project charter assignment help so that they become capable of completing their assignments related to this concept as per specifications and deadline. By selecting us as a suitable approach for online assignment writing service, you will get high-quality solutions that will also help you in attaining best grades in your class.

What is Quality Management Plan?

Quality Management Plan describes the acceptable level regarding quality, which is typically described by the client and defines how the project will assure this specific quantity level in its work processes as well as deliverables. The activities related to quality ensure that:

  • Products are developed to meet agreed-upon requirements and standards.
  • Work procedures are executed efficiently and as reported accurately.
  • Non-conformances established are detected, and accurate corrective action is taken as well as performed.

Quality Management Plan applies to the work procedures of the project as well as deliverables of the project. The activities related to quality control verify and monitor that the deliverables of the project meet described standards of quality. The activities related to quality assurance verify and monitor that the procedures utilized to manage and make the deliverables considered as well as effective also.

Different components of quality plan

The QMP (Quality Management Plan) defines the following components of quality management:

  • Objectives of quality
  • Important deliverables of the project and procedures to be reviewed for satisfactory level of quality
  • Different standards of quality
  • Quality control & declaration activities
  • Quality roles & responsibilities
  • Tools of quality
  • Plan for documenting the assurance issues and quality control

Who can be involved?

  • Project Manager
  • Project Team
  • Customer
  • Project Sponsor

In this assessment, you have to define the quality management plan for RALS for which online booking system is to be developed. The QMP is very important for the RALS to assure the quality of the product. The short statement should be given that reflects the philosophy of the team or the objective for assuring that send a quality system to the customer. Along with this, you need to develop as well as describe a set of verification activities and a set of validation activities. The project team could deploy this to assure the quality of the system of RALS committee.


stage to determine that whether they meet the specified needs of that particular stage.

Comparison between validation and verification

  • Validation is called as dynamic testing and verification is called as static
  • Verification takes place only before the validation.
  • Verification evaluates documents, specifications, plans and requirements but validation only evaluates the product.

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