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A quality management plan is a constituent of project management plan which describes how quality policies can be implemented in an organisation. It defines how a project management team create a plan to satisfy the quality specifications framed for a project.

What is to be included in quality management plan?

A quality management plan must be appropriate for every project as it only incorporates elements which are essential. The plan may involve but not restricted to:

  • Your strategy for quality management
  • Roles as well as responsibilities
  • How quality specifications will be identified for both processes and products
  • How quality can be assured
  • How quality can be controlled
  • Definitions

How to develop a quality plan template?

Irrespective of project size, type and scope, it is vital to your success to develop high-performance quality plan template which involves activities and tasks desired for framing quality targets, ensuring expected performance level and managing changes happening in the project. Quality management plan template is created by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Define quality expectations

In the initial step, you need to find out what the client of your project expects to obtain at the deliverables of the project. The customer is a prime source of information about what the product must look like. By establishing communication with the client, you require specifying expectations and frame quality objectives. A checklist to specify quality expectations through interaction with the customers are mentioned as beneath:

  • Generate a list of key deliverables that will fulfil the requirements
  • Specify quality targets arrayed as per the customer expectations

Step 2: Plan for quality assurance

For generating a project quality plan, it is essential to select techniques and assures anticipate the level of quality in the project implementation process.

  • Plan quality reviews to be carried out on periodic basis
  • Evaluate the deliverable likelihood fulfilling the quality expectations agreed by stakeholders

Step 3: Plan for quality control

You need to create a plan that defines a sequence and schedule of quality control procedures. It will define processes for determining deliverables generated and investigate any deviations from the quality expectations approved. Different forms of reviews that can be included in project quality plan are a deliverable review, peer review, end of phase review and documentation review.

Step 4: Organise the processes for quality management

Once you create quality assurance plan, another process is to set up the process for quality management. This process is to assure that every task specified in both plans are carried out as expected.

Quality management strategy

The objectives for quality management are to assure:

  • Project deliverables satisfy the defined specifications
  • Project management procedures are significantly followed

Quality management is carried out across the project life cycle with special emphasizes on:

  • Quality planning: During the process of project planning
  • Quality assurance: During the process of project execution
  • Quality control: During the process of monitoring and controlling the project
  • Independent verification and validation: Ideally carried out in all phases except initiation

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