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In the project charter, it involves different types of concepts and topics due to which students face troubles while doing assignments related to this. Many students are searching for online project charter assignment writing services to get help from the professional writers for the completion of all their writing tasks within the given deadline only. At, you can easily get the best assistance from our expert tutors at a very reasonable cost which is considered as the main requirement of each student. In this, the scope management plan is the main topic which also has several complications and complexities due to which students consider it difficult to do assignments related to this.

Define Scope?

Project scope is known as an essential part of the project planning which includes determining and reporting a list of several specific goals, tasks, costs, deliverables and deadlines. The documentation related to the scope of the project describes the boundaries of the complete project, establishes different responsibilities for all the team members as well as sets up processes for how accomplished work will be completely verified as well as approved. This documentation can be referred to as a statement of scope, SOW (statement of work) or different terms of position.

Scope Management Plan

The scope management plan involves three different procedures which involve controlling, planning as well as closing.

Planning: The planning is described as a procedure which is done before the development of the project at the initial stage. It helps to describe the things that require being done in the project to make it successful in all manners.

Controlling: The monitoring and controlling procedures focus on scope creep, tracking, approving the changes of the project, disapproving the project changes and documenting tracking.

Closing: This is called as a final process which involves an audit of all deliverables of the project and an assessment regarding overall outcomes against the plan.

What are the different steps for describing the scope of the project?

For describing the scope of some specific project, you must detect the following:

  • Objectives of the project
  • Goals of the project
  • All the sub-phases of the project
  • All the tasks that need to be done in the project
  • List of resources which can be used for the development of the project
  • Total budget for the project
  • Project schedule

After the establishment of all these above-given parameters, the drawbacks of the project requirements to be clarified, and all the aspects should be identified that are not to be involved in the project. With this, the scope of the project will make perfect to the stakeholders, team member and senior management about the aspects that must be included or not included in the project.

  • The scope management plan must try to answer following questions:
  • How will the project scope be achieved?
  • The tools needed to complete the scope of the project.
  • The environmental factors of enterprise needed for completing the scope of the project.
  • The organizational procedure assets needed
  • How the scope is controlled and managed throughout the project.

For scope and scope management section of project charter assignment, you must involve following aspects:

The scope of the project: In this section, you must write the in-scope and out-scope of the project.

Project deliverables:

resources should be defined which must involve human resource, software and hardware.

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