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In project management, a project charter is described as a statement of objectives, scope and participants in the project. It offers the preliminary definition regarding the outlines of objectives of the project, different roles and responsibilities, detects the main stakeholders as well as describes the authority of manager of the project. In the assessment of project charter, it involves several parts, and many students called it difficult to do as it contains many different complications. WBS (work breakdown structure) is the main concept of project charter which needs to be developed with the use of MS project. Not all the students are capable of understanding MS project due to which they are looking for online assignment help so that it will become easy for them to complete their writing tasks effectively.

WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)

WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) is described as a chart in which the elements regarding critical work also called tasks of the project are described to represent their relationships to the project and each other as a whole. AWBS is utilized for breaking down a complete project into simply manageable bites or components. Organization project managers and owners utilize the WBS (Work breakdown structure) to create the complex and difficult projects more manageable. WBS is designed to assist break down a project into manageable chunks which can be appropriately supervised and estimated.

Some widely utilized reasons for making a WBS involve:

  • Permits with appropriate project organization
  • Assists with assigning different responsibilities
  • Shows the project milestones and control points
  • Permits for more appropriate cost estimation, risk detection and time management
  • Assists explain the scope of the project to all the stakeholders

What are the benefits of WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)?

Different benefits of WBS (work breakdown structure) involve:

  • It forces the team members, project manager and customers to outline different steps needed to make as well as deliver the service or product.
  • WBS lays the groundwork for establishing an appropriate and effective schedule and budget plans. The best WBS enables all the resources to be assigned to some specific tasks, assists in producing a meaningful schedule as well as measuring the consistent budget easier.
  • The detail given in the WBS creates it simple to hold the individual accountable for accomplishing their tasks.
  • The procedure for completing and producing a work breakdown structure (WBS) breeds commitment and excitement.

So, these are the different benefits of WBS which makes it easy to develop the project effectively.

Essential points

Some basic points related to this section of project charter assessment are as follows:

  • This section must involve the milestones for every phase as well as deliverables which will describe all the things related to the project.
  • You have to describe all the activities to generate each deliverable.
  • You must assign required resources and people to each activity.
  • You must establish a time estimate for each activity or task to be accomplished.
  • You must show the budget to each phase and activity as per allocated resources.

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