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What are the elements to be focused on in CIS5200 Assignment 2?

There are a lot of aspects which are to be covered in this assignment, which frightens the students the most. Considering this file to be difficult, students keep on looking for the assignment help. Here’s a set of specific steps which should be followed by the students to successfully work on this assignment.

  • Time Management Plan: Firstly, student needs to work on constructing a Work Breakdown Structure to make a time management plan through which successful completion of assignment can be acquired.
  • “To Be” process diagram: Next the student would be working on providing a diagram regarding the “To Be” process regarding the system to be implemented in the selected organisation. For this Business Process Modelling Notation or Unified Modeling Notation can be used.
  • “As Is” and “To Be” Comparison: The students are required to provide a comparison between the current going business process and the to be a business process, to judge the changes that will be encountered in the organisation so that proper ways could be generated to manage those changes.
  • Entity Relationship Diagram: Further it is required to draw an ERD diagram to demonstrate the entities present in the organisation.
  • Normalization: Next, it is required to provide the 3NF normalisation table regarding all the entities.
  • Testing: The testing type to test the new system for the organisation is to be provided, to achieve its accuracy.
  • Training: Then, the training method for the users of the new system has to be provided to provide them understanding about how to work on the new system.
  • System Changeover: A complete plan has to be provided which would provide the information about how the new changes which will be acquired by the organisation would be properly handled.
  • Report to top management: At the end, a summarised report should be provided which should include all the description of the system along with its scope and objectives.

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