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Colleges keep on providing students with some academic assignments through which the concepts which they study in the lecturers can be easily understood by them. The lecturers expect that the student could learn a lot from the assignments. What they didn’t realise that working on the lengthy assignments require a lot of time and hard work. CIS5200 Professional Skills for System Analysis Assignment 2 is one such assignment, highlighting multiple factors associated with the aspect of system analysis to be built in any organisation. Online assignment writing service then provides support and assistance to all those students for whom it becomes a kind of trouble to deal with the completion of these assignments.

How to work on this CIS5200 assignment 2?

This assignment includes a lot of aspects to be covered. On the students’ end, it can sometimes become quite difficult to work on every task. It becomes a lot difficult for them to simultaneously work on researching about the varied elements of the assignment, along with inculcating the proper writing skills through which content with utmost quality can be added to the assignments. Here’s a guideline which could help in the demonstration about how this assignment could be made. The following aspects are necessary to be included in the CIS5200 assignment.

  1. Time Management Plan: For the successful submission of this assignment, the student is required to make an effective time management plan through which it can be assured that no delay would be there in the assignment submission. For this time management plan, the student is expected to build a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) which would be capable of demonstrating various aspects like different activities covered, their description, their starting date, end date, etc. A proper check would be maintained through it that if the activities are performed on time or not.
  2. “To Be” Process: With the help of Business Process Modelling Notation(BPMN) or Unified Modelling Language (UML), a diagram for “To Be” process would be made through which it would be presented that what flow would be followed to bring improvement in the chosen organisation.
  3. Comparison of “As Is” and “To Be” process: The assignment 1 consisted of “As Is” process diagram which is then to be compared with the “To Be” process diagram earlier made, to highlight the changes which will be brought into the organisation. After learning about the changes, the recommendations are required to be provided through which the impact of the changes could be successfully managed.
  4. Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD): All the entities of the selected organisation and the relationship among them should be demonstrated through the help of an entity relationship diagram.
  5. Data Normalization: All the entities provided before should be further demonstrated through the normalised 3NF tables.
  6. Testing: Moving on, the information would be provided about what testing type is selected and for conducting the test, what type of test data would be used.
  7. Training: The group of people would then listen who would be working on the new system and require training for it. In this content, it would also be mentioned that what type of training would then be provided to those people.
  8. System Changeover: A plan would be presented through which the intended system changeover would be brought within the organisation. This will include proper plans and methods through which the above mentioned “To Be” plan would be enabled in the organisation.
  9. Report to Top Management: To sum up the assignment, a report would be written for the top management of the organisation which would be highlighting the objectives, processes, scope and the recommendations in association with the new system to be brought into the organisation.

What are the essentials to be considered for the CIS5200 assignment 2?

Writing this assignment include some necessary factors to focus on. It is necessary that the student must focus on writing this assignment with full clarity and professionalism. The different diagram and description to be provided should be completely accurate and by the new system that is decided to be brought into the organisation. Moreover, specific attention should be given to providing the genuine referencing. Harvard referencing style should be followed to provide the references for this assignment.

Why the students face trouble regarding CIS5200 assignment 2?

Sometimes, the students are good with the theoretical concepts but are weaker at the segment of professional diagrams like BPMN or concepts like normalisation. These aspects are difficult on their way and require proper time and dedication to work on it. The improper understanding of these concepts does not allow the student to successfully work on it, due to which they fail to get good marks on their assignments. Sometimes, the fewer grades are due to the factor of late submission of the assignment, which is caused due to the busy schedule of the students which makes them incapable of finishing assignments on right time.

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