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The students often find it difficult to finish the lengthy assignment like (CIS5100) Assignment 2 in the given period of time. The assignment like CIS5100 has the word limit of 4500 words, and it swallows heavy time of students in preparation. Due to this, the students often find it difficult to finish other tasks in remaining less time. Hence, the online assistance helps the students to prepare this kind of the assignments in the limited time period.

The professional writers of our company have discussed the guidelines to prepare the assignment in an effective manner.

Letter of Transmittal: The letter of transmittal must be at the beginning of the assignment. In the letter of transmittal, the students must describe the aspects of the system or project in the transmittal letter.

Executive Summary and Introduction: In the executive summary and introduction section, the students need to provide information regarding the elements that will be discussed in the paper. In the introduction part, the student needs to discuss the issues that the company the is facing with the current system and possible benefits of the new system.

Section 1: E-Business and Mobile Business

In this section, the students must discuss the benefits of the E-business and Mobile business to the company. The students must clearly identify the possible advantages of E-business to the company. Along with the advantages, the students must also identify and describe the challenges that the company may face with E-business. There are four E-business models that students must discuss in this section and must choose the appropriate model for the company. The student must choose the model according to the requirements of the system. After this, the students must also discuss the tools to check the profitability of the e-business model to the company.

Section 2: System Infrastructure

In this section, the students need to cover several aspects like hardware requirement, software requirement, networking infrastructure and cloud services. In the hardware requirement, the students need to identify the hardware resource that is necessary to develop the system such as computer system, human resource, data storage equipment etc. In the software requirement, the student needs to discuss the software and applications which are necessary to run E-business in a company. The students must make sure, the hardware requirement and software requirement must be compatible with each other. Next, the students need to discuss the requirements needed for network architecture followed by cloud model service suitable for the company.

Section3: Enterprise Architecture

In this section, the students must provide the best enterprise architecture to the company that could help to boost functions of the company. Along with this, the students must also provide the benefits of solid enterprise architecture to the company.

Section4: Privacy

This is the section, in which the students need to carry out the research in finding the possible issues related to privacy of the company that can occur in the company. The students need to identify and discuss the issues regarding the reasons for the occurrence of issues and the possible methods to mitigate those risks. The students must discuss the Australian Laws regarding the safety of privacy of the consumer as well as the company from foreign threats. The students must discuss the issues in the context of business and the possible methods to mitigate those risks. The students often find it difficult to recognise the major issues and problems to the company which lead to fewer marks in the assignment. The assistance of expert writers of our company help the students to score high grades on the assignment.

Section 5: Recommendations and Conclusion

This is the major section of the assignment as the students need to provide the recommendations for the company in this section to boost their services and mitigating the issues. The conclusion part of this section must summarise the major points that are discussed in the report.

Section6: References

The students need to do references with the correct format and proper citation in the report to make an assignment in a good manner.

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