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An annotated bibliography provides an account of research that has been performed on a given subject. Similar to another bibliography, an annotated bibliography is defined as an alphabetical list of research sources that gives a precise summary of every source and some evaluation of its relevance.

Process of writing an annotated bibliography

Selection of topic: In the very beginning, there is need to select a research topic.  You can give us topic individually, or we can select as per our choice.


After that, the introduction is written where it presents the relevant background by defining the necessary terms and conditions.  Here, we demonstrate the focus of assignments and your particular purpose.

The significance of research: 

The significance of the research is described in this section where it summarises the essential information in the field of your work.  It is acquainted with the resources and processes which help in obtaining successful results of the project.

Literature review

In this phase, an evaluation and search are performed of the available literature in the given subject area. It describes state of the art in context to the topic or subject. A literature review is performed to conduct surveys in your selected area of study, synthesises the information in literature into summary and critically analyse the information collected by determining gaps.  Here, we demonstrate the familiarity with the body of knowledge and creates the credibility of the work.

Research limitations

In this phase, missing elements in the research are described. It reveals the findings of research where key questions have not been answered.  The broad problem that has not been resolved by this research is precisely defined.

Aim of research

The aim of the research is defined in this phase where the overall purpose of the study is concisely and enlightened through broad statements.  It specifies the general intentions of the research that paint a picture of the entire research project.

Materials and methods

This phase involves accumulating data from distinct sources according to the research design.

Data analysis

Now, general evaluation of source is conducted where it indicates how relevant this source.  Here, we assess the main idea of collected sources, its accuracy level; its relevance in context to research is defined.


Finally, in this section, a summary of arguments is described where the findings of the research are specified along with its significance.  Research is transformed from detailed consideration level to general level of consideration.

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