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The process of putting the right candidates on the right job is known as the process of selection. It involves selecting the candidates who have the desired skills and abilities which suits the vacant job profile. It is considered a negative process where the unsuitable employees may be terminated as compared to the process of recruitment which is a positive process which involves motivating candidates to apply for the jobs.

According to M. Ataur Rahman, “Selection is the screening and filtering process of job applicants who have been invited to apply for the vacant positions through which the process comes to an end”.

The selection of candidates is generally a lengthy and complex process. The process may be different for every company, industry and even department.

Let’s move forward with understanding the various steps involved in the process of selection:


This is the first step in the process of selection which is also known as a screening interview. At this stage, elimination of candidates is done who fail to meet the minimum eligibility standards of the organization.

Everything related to the candidates including their qualifications, skills, experience, interests, backgrounds should be checked. The preliminary interview is not formal and is basically done to eliminate the candidates who are not suitable for the job profile.


After the candidate has been selected in the preliminary interview, he is then required to fill an application form in which he has to put in the information like age, qualification, previous job history, etc. Through the application, the interviewer gets an idea about the candidate on the basis of which he can ask the questions to get further information.


The screening committee after receiving the applications, screen them and then make a list of the suitable candidates which possess the required skills and abilities. Every organization has its own shortlist criteria which may include age, sex, experience, qualification, etc. On the basis of the list prepared, the candidates are called for interview either through telephone or email.


Employment tests are conducted to know about the mental ability of a candidate. The various tests are:

  • Aptitude tests
  • Intelligence tests
  • Interest tests
  • Personality tests
  • Psychological tests

On the basis of these tests, the interviewer is able to select the suitable candidates.


Interviews are conducted to have a face to face contact with the candidate. It helps in gaining more insights about him. The interviewee is asked questions by the interviewer so that the latter can get the more accurate picture about the former.

Another thing done by the interviewer is explaining the policies of the organization. It also helps in understanding what the candidate expects from the job profile and the employer can get a check on his confidence and communication skills.


The main purpose of getting references from the candidates is to have a check on the genuineness of the information given by the candidate. References can be obtained either from the college or university from where he has completed his studies or from the previous company where he has worked. It helps the employers to know about the conduct and behavior of the candidate.


At this stage, the mental and physical well- being of a candidate is checked to make sure that he is fit and healthy to perform all the activities which his job profile demands. There are some companies, where the medical examination is done in the initiation selection stage whereas in some companies it is done after the candidate has been selected.


After going through all the above stages, the last stage is to give the appointment letter to the candidate who has passed all the stages successfully. The employee is first appointed on probation basis. Once the employer is satisfied with his work then he is appointed as the permanent employee otherwise he may be terminated out of the organization.

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