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When it comes to the development of IoT devices in a laboratory, connectivity with the network is not a major problem. However, deployment of IoT applications on a wide scale having millions of users accessing it concurrently, it is the entirely different ball game. The Internet is not only a single network, and there are various considerations such as connectivity, cell towers, proxy servers and firewalls which poses issues with connectivity. There are five major concerns of IoT that are to be dealt with:

  • Security: Security is a critical issue on the web and is probably the highly significant problem for IoT. While increasing the range of connected devices, a range of opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities using poorly designed devices may expose user’s information to theft specifically when a stream of data is left with inadequate security.
  • Privacy: IoT defines some unique issues when it comes to privacy that is due to trouble integrating devices in an environment without individuals involving them consciously. This becomes highly prevalent when it comes to customer devices like tracking devices of phones and cars, smart TV etc. Vision characteristics, as well as voice recognition, get integrated into smart TV’s. These characteristics can continuously listen to the conversations and transfer information optionally to the cloud services for processing. The cloud service might involve some third parties. Collection of this information encounters a range of legal and regulatory issues.
  • Standards: Lack of standard or documented best practices has a much wide impact on IoT devices that goes beyond simply restricting their potential and development. The absence of standards enables inadequate behaviour by IoT devices. Without having right standards to instruct and regulate manufacturer’s developers might design products which operate in a range of disruptive techniques online without concern for their impact.
  • Emerging economy and development issues: IoT offers a wide platform for enablement of social development in various societies throughout the world with the expansion of web across different sections of society. The lower cost of sensors and microprocessors will make IoT devices convenient to low-income However, there exist various shortcomings associated with an allowance of higher speed web and basic technological service architecture for business usage in the developing countries. While IoT offers several new opportunities, at the same time, it adds various layers of complexity.
  • Inter-operability standard issues: In an ideal environment, exchange of information takes place among all the interconnected IoT devices. But the real scenario is inherently more complicated and depends on different levels of communication protocol stack among devices. The industries developing IoT devices require investing a lot of time and money to generate a standardized protocol for multiple IoT devices. Otherwise, it delays the deployment of products across distinct verticals.

Use hardware and software to solve these issues

The reliable way to manage IoT security issues is to analyse every endpoint in the system and implement possible security measures at every point. Disable the unnecessary ports specifically open listening ports.

From a software perspective, you should execute a bare minimum code desired for necessary services. The more is lines of codes in the system, the more opportunity for an attacker wishing to find a breach. To add end point integrity, you must develop read-only storage for the critical code and need authenticity verification via hardware trust root under secure boot. This implies that attackers cannot verify unintended software on the devices, making it tough to detect exploits.

Maintenance of end point integrity

Initial deployment of secure software and hardware can resolve the IoT issues. To maintain system security, there is need to protect firmware updates and encrypt the device communications. A strong encryption code adds a protection layer. APN can be used to hide specific communication or white list secure service among devices.

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