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The students frequently get the assignments with respect to contextual analysis in which the understudies need to lean toward case study for the consummation of task. Here we have examined the procedure of arrangement of this sort of assignments.

Introduction: The students need to offer prologue to the case study on which the assignment based. It is necessary for the student keep the presentation compact and clear. The introduction must have the information of the layout of the assignment so the examiner could comprehend what this assignment is about.

Requirement Analysis: The subsequent stage is to clarify the functional and non-functional necessities for information system proposed to the company. This is the fundamental piece of the assignment, and the students need to pay attention towards it. The students need to mention all the functional and non-functional requirement of the system. The students must also mention that why these requirements are necessary for the new information system of the company.

Use Case Identification and Description: The students need to identify and mention all the possible use cases of the new information system. The use cases show the processes and their working in the information system. In order to design the use case, the students can take the assistance from Draw.io, or it can be drawn on Microsoft Visio. The understudy must show the on-screen characters (Actors) in the use case who will perform diverse functions. The actors are the main identity in use case who will perform the tasks, and various processes will take place in the task. The group of tasks and actors represent a specific function of information system.

Class Diagrams: The students must represent the class diagrams in the assignment. UML class diagrams are another necessity given in the assignment. The UML class diagram represent the form of database system for the information system that what data will be stored in the system and how data will flow in information system. For UML class diagrams, the students must have adequate knowledge about database system.

Event breakdown structure: In order to prepare the event breakdown system model, the student must have adequate knowledge about the working of system.  The students must include the significant use cases in the event breakdown system model. This event breakdown system model can be prepared by the students using draw.io. The students must mention all the events in precise manner in this assignment.

Introducing SDLC process: The students must portray all the five exercises of SDLC in this section. The students must mention the activities that will be involved in designing of the system.

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