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What do you meant by information systems?

An information system is defined as a combination of software, infrastructure, hardware and trained personnel organized to facilitate control, planning, decision-making, coordination in the company. An information system is defined as an integrated set of different components for gathering, storing as well as processing the data and for offering knowledge, information and digital products. The business organizations and some other companies depend on the information systems to carry out as well as handle all the operations and communicate with the clients and suppliers as well as compete in the market. Information systems are utilized to run the supply chains related to inter-organizational. There are different types of information systems such as:

  • Decision Support systems
  • Executive information systems
  • Management information systems
  • Operations support system

In requirements engineering and systems engineering, the non-functional requirements (NFR) is a need which specified the criteria that can be utilized to judge the system’s operation rather than some specific behaviours. They are contrasted with different functional requirements that describe the specific functions or behaviour. The plan for deploying the functional requirements is described in the system design. The plan regarding the deployment of non-functional requirements is described in the architecture system because they are frequently Architecturally Significant Requirements. Non- functional requirements are also known as quality attributes of the system. Some other terms related to the non-functional requirements are quality goals, quality of service requirements, qualities, non-behavioural requirements and constraints. These are also called as ilities from different attributes such as portability and stability. The quality is a major non-functional requirement from all which can be divided into two different categories such as execution qualities and evolution qualities:

  • Evolution qualities like maintainability, scalability, testability and extensibility, which are embodied in the system’s static structure.
  • Execution qualities like security, safety and usability that are observable at rum time.

NFRs (non-functional requirements) describe the attributes like performance, reliability, scalability, usability and security. They provide restrictions or constraints on the system design across several backlogs. Non-functional requirements are very critical as functional capabilities, functional epics, functional features and functional stories. They assure the effectiveness and usability of the complete system. Non-functional requirements define the working of the system.  Some of the non-functional requirements are as follows:

  • Usability: It prioritizes the essential functions related to the system based on the patterns of the usage. Frequently utilized functions must be examined for the usability, as should critical and complex functions. Be assured to make the requirement for this.
  • Reliability: It is another important non-functional requirement in which users must have to trust the particular system even after using it.
  • Performance: The system should have an appropriate performance so that all the users can easily attain the services through it without any problems.
  • Security: The system should have the capability to secure all types of data and information related to organization or users in a secure For this, several types of security measures should be deployed to make the system secure for the users in all manners.

Apart from this, some other non-functional requirements involve modifiability, operations, portability, legal and others that are very necessary for the information system to get success. To make the system appropriate for the organization, it is very important to add all the functionalities so that no any problem will be found in future while using it. It is very useful for attaining success in the development of any information systems.

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