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  1. Executive Summary

In this section, we have to briefly explain the basic need for designing or implementing a new network for the organisation. Firstly, we have to describe current Network of the organization then we have to specify problem faced by the organization with current network design and then we have to discuss new network design for the organization so that it can fulfill the need of Customers. Here, we will use the top-down designing technique to design network.

  1. Project Goal

In this, we will describe the main goal of designing the new Network model for the Auto Fishing Group.

  • To supply fishes to their customer in less amount of time.
  • Automate the fishing Process.
  • Developing a training center for students.
  • Launching an online Application for the Fisherman.
  1. Project Scope

  • Interconnected Network.
  • Handle Multimedia Traffic
  • Automate Distribution Process
  • Online Banking System
  • Training Center
  • Data Center
  • Wi-Fi Lan
  1. Design Requirement

In this section, we have to make a design for the Auto fishing Group with the use Top-down methodology.

  • Business goals and Constraints:
  • Auto Fishing Group wants to supply their fishes directly to the customer without any middleman interference.
  • Provide Training to the Fisherman to enhance their working skills.
  • Use of Automated Aerial Vehicles.
  • To provide online Banking to the fisherman.


  • Network design must be completed within the Time limit.
  • Provide an Appropriate budget for the preparation.
  1. Technical Goals & Tradeoffs

  • DMZ Server room and data center should be located on the Darwin Site Center.
  • UAV and Training Center will process Live Streaming of Video.
  • Provide reliable and efficient security to the Network.
  • Creating Wi-Fi LAN Network at Darwin Center.
  • To provide Online forum and Internet facility to the Fisherman.
  • Establishment of Call Center so that everyone can communicate directly to the Organization.
  1. User Communities and Network Applications

Main Users of the Auto Fisherman Group were Fisherman and Customers of the organisation.

Network Applications:

  • Multimedia traffic
  • E-Commerce Application
  • STMP mail traffic will be generated between every users and end points.
  • Internet Data
  1. List of Assumptions

  • Assumptions are made by the organisation to find the location of fishing school but only live feed of UAV were integrated with the organization.
  • All the actions of UAV Should be managed through the distribution
  • The LAN network of the several distribution centers of the organisation has access to GSM network for the Connectivity of all the distribution vehicles.
  1. Logical Network Design:

For designing the logical Network Design, we need IP addressing Schema as well as describing all the connectivity of the Network.

  1. Explanation and Justification:

In this, we have to explain logical Network Designed for the Auto Fishing group briefly, and after that, we have to give justification such as follows:

  • Comprehensive
  • Standard
  • Clear
  1. Routing & Switching Protocols and Their Security Mechanism

Here we have to define all the protocols used for the Switching and Routing such as follows:

  • Wi-Fi Protocol
  • Trunking Protocol
  • OSPF
  • SNMP
  • Multimedia

Security Mechanism:

  • Encryption
  • AAA Authentication
  • SSL
  • VPN
  • WAP-2
  1. Physical Network Design

After the Successful Completion of Logical Design, we have to make a physical design which describes the Networking and Connectivity of the devices for the network.

  1. Networking and Communication Devices

Here, we will describe all the devices which are used for the connectivity of network of Auto fishing Group and cost of Devices as per their actual price Such as:

  • Servers
  • Switch
  • Routers
  • VOIP Phone
  1. Explanation & Justification of Devices

Here, we have to Briefly explain about all the devices used in the Network as mentioned above:

  1. Test Plan:

  • Connectivity Testing
  • Device Functionality Testing
  • Performance Testing
  1. Detailed test Script:

  • To ping the Network Interfaces.
  • Checking the Gateway and Subnets.
  • Checking of Wireless Connectivity through Wireless devices.
  1. Brief Reflection:

  • Prepare the user, business and security requirements of the organisation about network design:

Designing of Physical and logical network design for the organisation helped in understanding the importance and techniques of preparing user, business, and security requirement.

  • Analyse the user, business and security requirements:

This case study required the development of network design, and for the analysis of the identified user, business and security requirement was important.

  • Compare and contrast the possible alternative logical and physical network designs:

For the development of physical and logical network design for the organisation, a complete analysis of the requirement was done.

  • Design a network by applying the top-down network design methodology:

For Designing the Network Design, we have used Top-down Methodology.

  • Create the final documentation of the designed network

The assignment needed the Creation of the final report that covers all the aspects of the network designing.

  • Justify that the designed network satisfies the requirements

The network design of the organisation was completely based on the requirements and analysis of user, business, and security.

  • One thing you liked the most about this unit

The best thing about the unit is that provides brief knowledge about the practical implementation of networks and designing of the Network.

  • One suggestion to improve the unit:

As unit provides practical knowledge of the network, there is a lack of introduction of tools that are used for the creation of network design.

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