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The students often find it difficult to complete the assignments regarding business management. In this assignment, the students need to express the deep knowledge regarding different aspects of business management such as Human Resources Management, Leadership etc. In order to attain high scores from the assignment, the students need the professional assistance from the expert writers. We provide the best assistance to students to complete their assignment in a professional manner.

To complete the assignment in a professional manner, the expert writers of our company has prepared the guideline for the students.

Human Resource Management: Human resource management is the term which is used for the system in through which the people of the company are organised in a better way according to their skills. There are three major areas in which human resource management fits itself such as Staffing, compensation and benefits to the employees and designing work. The HRM plays an important role in the success of the business as there are various factors such as the placement of right person at the right place. The main motive of the human resource management is to acquire, develop and retain talent within the workforce of the company.

Position and structure of human resource: There are different responsibilities of human resource management which can be categorised into three areas such as individual, organisational and career. Individual responsibility is about the identifying the strength and weakness of the individual and assign the work accordingly. Organisational responsibility is about the focusing on fostering a successful system to maximise the human resources by reviewing the performance, training and testing. The students can acquire the professional assistance from the expert writers of our company at a low rate to attain high grades.

Leadership: The leadership is another business management concept that helps in raising the business. Leadership is an area and practice areas that enhance the ability of the individual to lead the team or group of people towards the achievement of the goals. The main aim of the leadership is to create an inspiring vision of the future, motivates the team or people and engage them with a particular vision to achieve the target in an effective manner.

Areas covered by the Leadership

  • Establishing a clear vision for the company is the main area covered by the leadership.
  • Sharing the vision with the other team members or the members involved in the plan to accomplish the target.
  • Sharing the information, knowledge and methods that are necessary to realise the vision and attain the target.
  • Coordinating with the team members to help them in understanding the vision and objective to achieve. This also helps in balancing the conflicting interests of different stakeholders and the team members.

Different leadership styles

  1. Constitutional: Leaders need the immediate response.
  2. Authoritative: Mobilise team or people towards the vision.
  3. Democratic: Leader must treat every team member equally.
  4. Coaching: Leader provides coaching to build a new team for future.
  5. Charismatic Leadership: Leader must inspire the team members with enthusiasm and motivate them in an energetic


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