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The IT4IT standard offers an industry-agnostic, technology-agnostic and vendor-neutral reference architecture for handling the IT business, enables impending for the continuous improvement. IT4IT is defined as vendor-neutral reference architectures for handling the IT business, consisting of a model named IT operating model. The IT4IT initiative provides a new standardisation level for IT management. It permits the function of information within the company to attain the similar level of business predictability, efficiency, and discipline as other functions in any business like finance and Human Resource. IT4IT addresses a perceived gap where the architecture of OT reference was missing.

What are the uses of IT4IT?

The IT4IT can be used in different aspects such as:

  • IT4IT enables the IT management to perform across the overall value chain in faster, cheaper and better way with low risk.
  • IT offers an industry-agnostic, technology-agnostic and vendor-neutral reference architecture for handling the IT business, enables impending for the continuous improvement.
  • It is considered as an industry-independent to resolve the similar issues for all.
  • It is designed for current landscapes as well as accommodates IT paradigms for future.
  • It is called as a process-agnostic. It is intended to support the waterfall as well as Agile approached and the Lean Kanban procedure approach and completely defined process models of IT service management.

How to make assignments?

There is an organisation named as Delta Lloyd which is dealing with financial services and provide different services. The organisation is now working as a confidential partner with several services for pensions, banking, investing and insurance. All the processes in the organisation are executed through the mobile application with the help of internet. The organisation is facing different problems while providing services due to which it decides to replace it with cloud services broker to eliminate all the issues effectively. For completing this assignment, several steps need to be considered which are discussed below:

Introduction and Executive Summary

Firstly, it needs to introduce the complete report as well as the organisation and a summary of the problems that are facing it currently. Along with this, the summary of the complete report also is given in the form of an executive summary.

Background and justification of IT4IT adoption

In this part, the background of the organisation has to be defined which can contain the problem that is currently faced by the organisation. After this, the advantages of IT4IT has to be described which are attained by the organization with the deployment of this technology. It must involve the implications of IT4IT for cloud computing.

Roadmap for IT4IT adoption

In this part, the roadmap for the IT4IT adoption has to be discussed which must involve different stages that are used by the organisation for the management of landscape of IT (Information Technology). The four different value streams offered by the IT4IT involve a strategy to the portfolio, request to deploy, request to fulfill and direct to correct.

Different challenges encountered by the organisation

This section involves the organization can face the challenges during the deployment of IT4IT.


This section involves the outcomes that can be attained by the organisation after the deployment of IT4IT.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In the end, the conclusion must be given which can involve the results after the deployment of IT4IT in the organisation. Apart from this, some recommendations have to be given to the organisation that can be useful in different ways.


At last, the list of references should be given. It contains the list of sources that will be used for making this specific report. All the reference should be genuine and from authorised sources only.

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