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Management and Business Context Using Cross-Cultural Management

Cross-Cultural Management is learning management in a context of cross-cultural. It involves the learning of effect of societal cultural on the management practice and managers as well the learning of cultural orientations of organization members and individual managers. Cross-cultural management includes handling work teams in manners that consider the comparisons in cultures, practices as well as preferences of customers in thecontext of international business.

Different factors about the culture that impact on the workplace?

As per our experts, the cross-cultural involves different factors that impact the workplace such as:

  1. Cultural identity
  2. Individual personalities
  3. Racial identity
  4. Ethnic identity
  5. Roles Identity
  6. Gender identity
  7. Social class
  8. Age

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Role of HRM in cross-cultural management

The HRM (Human resource management) plays a vital role in the cross-cultural environment which involves below-given functions:

  • Recruiting various candidates that can be effectual in across-cultural environment.
  • Managing conflicting rigid environments for business.
  • Training the employees to manage issues about intercultural communication.
  • Facilitating teams for cross-cultural.
  • Aligning procedures and policies of HR across business entities in distinct nations.

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