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Linux Git Command is a free and open source distributed version control system which is designed in purpose to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. GIT is very easy to learn,and it provides the high performance with tiny commands. Git is considered better in terms of performance and usability in compare to SCM tools like Subversion, CVS, Perforce, and ClearCase. Git is small and fast as compared to others. Nearly all the operations re-performed locally with the help of Git as it provides the huge speed advantage on the centralised systems which need to communicate regularly with the server at another place. Generally, Git was built to perform in the Linux kernel that means it was specially designed to handle large repositories from day one. Git is coded in C language in order to reduce the runtimes associated with higher-level languages. The speed and performance are considered as the primary design goal of the Git from the start.

How Git command provide Data assurance?

The data model which is used by Git ensures that there is cryptographic integrity is used for every bit of the project. Every file and commit is check-summed,and they are retrieved through their checksum when they are checked back out. It is very difficult to extract anything from Git except the bits that are entered by the user. The changes in the file, data or commit message is impossible to perform in a Git repository without changing the IDs of everything after the changes. This means that if users have commit ID, they can be assured not only that the project of theuser is exactly same when it was committed,but nothing in the history was changed.

Staging Area in Git Command

In Git command there is “staging area” or “index”. This is the area in Git where are commits can be formatted and reviewed before completing the commit. The main advantage of Git command is the quick staging of some of the files of users and commit them without committing all of the other modified files in user’s working directory or having to list them in the command line during the commit. This advantage of Git allows the users to stage only portions of a modified file. With the help of Git, the users can set the changes for the current commit and stage the other changes for the next commit. This makes it easy for the users to make possible changes in the files or commit messages easily.

Branching and Merging in Git Command

Git allows and encourages the users to have multiple local branches that can be entirely independent of each other. In Git, it takes very less time for creation, merging and deletion of those lines of development. There are several functions that can be performed by the users in Git, such as:

  • Frictionless Context Switching: The users can easily get the frictionless context switching between two or more commit messages. The user can create a new branch and commit a few developing lines in it. After that the user can switch to the branch an apply a patch, switch back to the experimenting branch and merge in it.
  • Role-Based Codelines: Have a branch that always contains what goes into production, another that you merge work into for testing and several smaller ones for day to day work.
  • Feature-Based Workflow: Develop new branches for each new features that the users are working so that they could seamlessly switch back and forth between them, then discard each branch when the features of it get merged with the mainline.
  • Disposable Experimentation: Git also provides the disposable experiments which can be disposed of easily in case it’s not going to work.

This is notable that when the user push to a remote repository, the user does not need to push all of the branches, instead the user can choose to share just one or more than of the branch at the time. The Git provides more chancesfor the people to try new ideas without worrying about having to plan how and when they are going to merge it in.

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