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The students acquiring higher studies in management domain often find it difficult to complete the assignments like SBM1104 Leadership and Change management. The students need to have immense knowledge in management domain to make quality assignment regarding leadership and change management. The expert writers of our company have prepared the guidelines to complete this kind of assignments.

Step 1: The students need to choose one organisation as the base of the assignment. The students need to provide proper information regarding the company or organisation that they have chosen. The students must also choose the leader of organisation and must provide the brief description of the leader.

Leader: Leader in an organisation is a person who leads the team to achieve the common objective of the organisation. A leader is a person who is responsible for the success and failure of the team to achieve the objective. The leader shows the skills and ability to manage the team and lead the team to get the desired goal.

Step 2: Further in the assignment, the students need to outline the issues and problems that the chosen company has faced due to leadership and changes in management. The changes in the management may bring several issues for the organisation. The lack of the communication process with the changes in management, changes at the helm are among the main issues that might occur with the changes in the management and leadership. With continuous changes in management also make it difficult for the employees of the company to pay attention towards their work. Sometimes, the changes in the company are not working as per desire of company. This also brings several issues for the organisation, and it becomes necessary for the company to pay attention towards it.

Step 3: In this step, the students need to review the different kinds of literature and article papers related to the leadership and change management. The students need to pay attention in this section as it is one of the most important section of the assignment. There are different leadership practices that the students need to find in the organisation and must make sure they have carried out better research on the literature.

Step 4: Further in the assignment, the students need to identify step-based change model, behavioural model and analytical framework for the leader and company by the type of change in the company. Along with this, the students also need to verify that which model among 3-step, 5-step and 8-step model will consider during the implementation of the model.

Step 5: Further in the assignment, the students need to prepare the conceptual model for the further assessments. The students need to find various key values and information from the literature which are discussed in the assignment. The change management is a method that helps to guide that what kind of changes are required in the organisation to enhance the business environment. The change management provides the approach to support the changes that will occur in the company. The students can avail the best assignment help from our expert writers for their assignments. The expert writers of our company are dedicated to provide the best assistance at a low price and help the students to attain high grades from the assignment.

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