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To be the best business analyst, different types of skills are required that can involve leadership skills, team building skills etc. Effective leadership in the business analysis needs consensus, collaboration and shared leadership. Enhancement in leadership skills needs to provide an effective connection between the development team and business community. Leadership is an important skill for these influencers of change. The main skills that are essential in the business analysts are as follows:

Communication skills

A good business analyst must have good communication skills. It means that the business analyst can facilitate meeting regarding working, ask appropriate questions, really listen to all the answers and also absorbs the skills of others. The business analyst must have the ability to be an effective communicator in context of virtual setting (through web calls or conference calls) is equally necessary.

Problem-Solving skills

No project is without issues. In fact, the complete project is a complete solution to one particular problem.  Business analysts also facilitate a shared understanding regarding any problem, the possible solutions as well as determine the project scope.

Critical Thinking skills

The business analyst is responsible for evaluating several choices for assisting a team settle on every solution. While discovering the issue to the resolved, business analysts should listen to the requirements of stakeholders but also critically consider those requirements and ask inquiring questions until the real requirement is understood and surfaced. This is what that creates the evaluation skills and critical thinking necessary for the best business analyst.

Analysis skills

Business analyst utilises some techniques to analyse the issue and the solution. With the help of this skill, the analyst can easily analyse every type of situation in business or organisation.

Requirement Elicitation

Requirement Elicitation is considered as an initial step in the needs of the engineering process. The main goal of requirement elicitation is to elicit the information relevant to the issue or the solution. This information will be then analysed, reported in the form of need and associated models, validated as well as finally handled throughout the complete project life cycle. Requirement elicitation is a “highly-intensive” task that depends on the interference of the accurate stakeholders. The activities related to elicitation are likely to intervene with requirement analysis as well as its documentation during the process of requirements development.

A skilled and professional business analyst utilises a combination of techniques related to requirements elicitation to assist him understanding the current business condition as well as expose the real requirements. This section defines in a nutshell the requirements elicitation techniques. The primary elicitation techniques we all utilise are workshops and interviews. We can be separated the elicitation techniques in two different categories such as quantitative and qualitative elicitation techniques.

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