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It has become common for learners to face stress and pressure which accompanies drafting assignments on various subjects. The main setback learners suffer finishing them within the constraints of the time intervals which become a disturbing agent for them. Each assignment needs efforts, research and time along with some critical skills which can support such learners to create an impressive work. The same situation is raised when students draft assignment on IoT as it is considered as a complex topic as students don’t have adequate knowledge about this technology.

Internet of things: IoT

Internet of things is termed as an ecosystem of related physical objects which are accessible with the help of internet. The term “thing” in IoT can be an automobile having in-built sensors, individual with a heart monitor or the objects that are allotted with IP address. It has potential to gather and transmit data across a network without human intervention. Due to this embedded technology, the objects become able to communication with internal states that in turn impact the decision taken.

Scope of IoT

IoT can link devices embedded in different systems to the web. When these objects/devices are digitally presented, then they can be controlled from any location. The connectivity assists to collect more information from several places, ensuring various techniques for improving efficiency and increasing safety. It acts as a transformational force which can assist the organisation to enhanced performance with the help of IoT analytics as well as IoT security to provide better results. Businesses in the manufacturing, utilities, insurance, and retail and transportation sector can maximum ripe benefits of IoT by taking informed decisions.

Drafting assignments associated with IoT

Initially, the scholar should choose a suitable topic associated with IoT to craft an assignment. A sequential process that is to be followed while writing an assignment on this subject are summarised as beneath:

  • A candidate has to make a thorough analysis of project objective and demonstrate the chosen subject. A thorough insight is laid on the problem domain in this section.
  • It is another major part of the complete project where students have to perform a literature review on the chosen subject. It requires being outlined in the chronological order. Along with that, students should specify the resource list for the project and require choosing one specification to work further. The current methodologies are to be addressed for resolving research problem.
  • In this specific phase, the learners have to craft a research project according to the proposed format:

Executive summary: This phase involves writing an objective, scope, methodology, recommendations, results and conclusion of the research project.

  Literature review: The previous findings on this specific topic are analysed and written in the report.

  • Another crucial section which is to be focused while making research project on IoT is involved methodology. After that, a comparative analysis is made between different methodologies from the context of various aspects mentioned in the question file. Then, the most appropriate methodology is to be chosen for your problem domain and is defined with proper justifications. Furthermore, the student can also involve tables and graphs which support justifications and arguments.
  • At last, findings are specified, and the conclusion is drawn summarising the overall project. The reference list in APA format is to be involved in the report.

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