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Smart city

A smart city is urban development plan that is economically sustainable and provides higher living standards to its citizens. Technology plays an integral role in developing smart cities. The infrastructure of the smart city includes several aspects such as public-private partnership, information and communication technology and internet of things.

IoT (Internet of things)

Internet of things connects electronic computers to the web for effective supervision and management of daily activities. These can be health gadgets, kitchen appliances, vehicles, security system, waste disposal and energy management.

Developing smart cities

IoT is making it possible to build safer, greener and highly efficient cities. With the help of device connection, government and partners reduce energy consumption and improve quality of life. In smart cities, different stakeholders work collaboratively to offer best technological solutions. System integrators, network operators, technology providers and managed service providers play a crucial role in working with the government to encourage smart city solutions. They the key idea is to develop these solutions on an open platform which can be continually re-imagined and re-used for advanced services. Cellular is a suitable technology for connecting IoT applications due to its reliability, easier deployment as well as ubiquitous reach. Wireless provides industry ruling portfolio of aggregated cellular M2M solutions to make the idea of smart cities come alive.

Essential technologies for smart city

A smart city requires technological efficiency in the safety measures, transport communication and planning infrastructure. For making self-sustainable, qualitative and cost-effective infrastructure, organisations are including IoT devices and solution in the architecture plan.

  • Traffic management as well as parking solutions: Traffic troubles are the main issue by citizens. IoT devices can assist immensely to provide intelligent and dynamic solutions to ever increasing traffic woes. IoT devices can aid in avoiding traffic jams, recommend feasible time for travelling and provide parking information associated with crowded places. The traffic signals monitored by IoT can operate on the vehicle density rather than time bands. Sensors located in the parking can recommend a free spot for parking. All these measures help to save time, gas emissions and maintain a smooth flow of traffic.
  • Waste management: Waste management is another major issue for municipal corporations in urban areas. Huge population produces a large amount of waste. The smart bins enabled with IoT govern devices for wastes, thus helping neighbourhoods to maintain a green surrounding. Evaluation of trash in the form of e-waste will save the environment from further deterioration. Solar powered devices are also used by localities to assess the desired capacity of garbage bins.
  • Security systems: Security and safety are other big concerns of government all over the world. Without technology, it becomes hard to trace negative elements in crowded cities and towns. Smart video surveillance, smart streetlights, IoT sound sensors and latest drone technology helps security personnel to detect the range of strikes, place of terrors and suspects involved. IoT enabled security system helps to effectively monitor the public places such as banks, hospitals, airports, hotels, markets and metro-stations. Therefore, IoT in this field assists tremendously to save lives and resources of people.
  • Smart energy consumption: The advanced type of energy consumption is linked with IoT devices that help civic bodies and industries to check the energy metrics. This will assist to support effective power generation, water consumption, and effective power generation and improve air quality.
  • Health care services: Smart cities requires smart hospitals that track patients remotely, analyse patient data, offer preventive measures and provide emergency services quickly. Moreover, medical staff will receive alerts when any patient is critical or require emergency care. Besides medical application, it helps to create sustainable development via better food utilisation, inventory management and hospital waste management. The future of smart cities is not complete without proper wellness centres for its citizens.

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