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Choosing the right concepts for programming plays a major role in the success of the program. This article will help you in understanding the programming paradigms and the relationships between them. There are several programming concepts and paradigms which differ from each other only in one or a few concepts. The key factors to be influenced are design, language: dual paradigm language and definitive language.

Programming is a rich discipline, and sometimes it gets really complicated to understand the requirements of a program. But the best thing is that the ideas related to programming language are simple and can result in better performance of the software.

But the choice of the right path is necessary for solving a programming problem accurately and facing lesser issues than before. Every kind of problem even a small toy requires different sets of concepts for different parts. Yes, this is the reason why the programming languages need to have paradigms.

We have been talking about the programming paradigms, but are you aware of the concept in detail?

The approach which is followed for programming a computer is programming paradigm. Also, it is a coherent set of rules based on a mathematical theory.

Why are the paradigms required?

Any programming language or software needs paradigm because it supports a set of concepts. These concepts on the application are required for a certain kind of problem. Here are some of the examples-

  1. OBJECT-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING- If you are struggling with abstractions of a large number of related data organized in a hierarchy, then these paradigms help.
  2. LOGIC PROGRAMMING- The concepts of the logic programming are used the best ways for navigation or transformation of the complex symbolic structures as per the rules.
  3. DISCRETE PROGRAMMING- When a system faces problems consisting of the reactions to sequences of external events, or another name of these problems is reactive problems; then discrete synchronous programming comes as a solution.

Java, Prolog, and Esterel are the programming languages which are supporting the paradigms. We have exceptions in these cases because Java and C++ just have one or two separate paradigms.


The limited number of supportable programming paradigm is an exception because those one or two concepts are not sufficient for the right ideas. If a program has several approaches for software then making the choice of the right path becomes easy. Also, it does not clog other’s work. It is also called multiparadigm programming.

In the next article we will study about the languages, paradigms, and concepts with a diagram. Stay tuned for more information.

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