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The new definition of computers- replacement for the brain. The main motive behind the idea is reducing the human work. It is the era of automation where diminishing the complexity and speeding up the work is taking place. Technology has been introducing all the inevitable changes in the world, and one of the most significant is the human brain-computer interface. Let us see what Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is.

It is a brain and a device collaboration which empowers the brain to direct some external activity. The technological update enables the direct communications pathway between object and brain to be controlled. Invasion of the body by the electronic gadgets is now possible with the advent of the miniature wireless technology. A mind can now control a cursor with the help of the interface the signal is transmitted directly from the brain to the mechanism which directs the cursor. The normal path of the signal is going through the neuromuscular system of the body from the brain to the finger on a mouse.

Now, even a paralyzed individual can be self-dependent with the help of the technology. BCI can enable you to write a book or control a motorized wheelchair. Yes, all with the thoughts of the person. The signals from an array of neurons can be read with the help of the computer chips and programs. These signals are translated into action. Thus, the actions can be performed by the disabled.

Components of a BCI system

Quantifying and detecting the characteristics of the brain signals is the purpose of the BCI system. These are the features which indicate the intentions of the users. The next step is the translation of these features in real time into device commands accomplishing the intent of the user. There are four important components to achieve this.

  1. Signal Acquisition
  2. Feature Extraction
  3. Feature Translation
  4. Device Output

Who controls all these components?

Operating protocol defining the outset as well as the timing of the operation control these essential four components. The other significant functions of the protocol are defining the details of the signal processing and the nature of the device commands. Moreover, it analyses the performance.

The advantage of the protocol to BCI

The operating protocol generates flexibility in the system serving the users’ needs.

Applications of BCI

Diverse areas of research have been affected by the brain-computer interfaces. Medical, neuromarketing, smart environment neuroergonomics, advertisement, educational and self-regulation and entertainment. Security and authentication fields also utilize extraordinary applications of the technology.

How BCI works?

BCI is able to function because of the ways in which our brain works. Connected by dendrites and axons, our brain is filled with neurons and individual nerve cells. Neurons are always at work, no matter what we do, we move, think, feel or remember something. Small electric signals carry out all the work while being zipped from neuron to neuron at a speed of 250 miles/hour. The differences in the electric potential at the membrane of each neuron are the reason for the generation of these signals.

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