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Information security is defined as a collection of different strategies for handling the tools, processes as well as policies essential to detect, prevent, counter and document threats or risks to the information related to digital and non-digital. The information security responsibilities involve establishing a collection of procedures of business that will defend the assets of information regardless of how the collected information is formatted. Information security is established to protect the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data of computer system from those with the spiteful intentions. Digital signatures can enhance the information security by improving the authenticity procedures as well as promoting the individual to prove the identity effectively before the user can gain access to the data of the computer.

Information Security Management

An ISM (information security management) system is a collection of procedures and policies for systematically handling the sensitive data of an organization. The goal of ISMS is to reduce the risk and assure the business continuity by pro-actively restricting the impact of different types of security breaches. For information security management, the criticality of information requires to determine where criticality may refer to the critical phenomena is the collective name related to the physics of different critical points. In this, the information type should be determined so that it can be easy to know that what data or information about the information needs to secure from different breaches. This information may contain the employee data, student data, business data, operational data and other sensitive information regarding the organization.

Used Resources

There are different types of hardware and software resources that are used by the organization to perform different tasks related to the business. The hardware resources may involve a laptop, computers, services, network devices etc. Along with this, several types of software and applications are also used by the organization for the purpose of security and other aspects.

Risk Analysis

Risk analysis is defined as a review of different risks associated with the business organization. In this, different types of risks that are encountered by the organization related to security should be defined with complete description. It may involve the risks related to software, hardware as well as information related to the organization or business. These risks may involve the lack of encryption, Un-patched web browsers etc.

Security Guidelines

Security guidelines are the guidelines that can be helpful for the organization to prevent its all the information and data from different types of security risks and problems. There are several types of security mechanisms that can help the company to keep the system secure in all aspects. These security tools and techniques mainly involve firewalls, authentication, data encryption, data server protection, biometric technology and others.

Security Policies

In an organization, the security policy is known as a document that states in defining how the organization plan to secure the assets related to information technology. With the deployment of security policies, it can be easy for the organization to protect all its assets from different types of security risks and threats. For the deployment of security policies, different assumptions may create by the organization. The security management system developed for the organization should be capable of fulfilling all the needs of the organization related to data and information security.

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