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This is an incident which leads to the unintended accessibility of information, services, network, applications and devices by evading the underlying security mechanisms. A security breach occurs when any application or individual illegitimately enters a confidential, private or unintended logical IT perimeter. This is one of the earliest phases of security attack performed by malicious intruders like cracker, hacker or nefarious application. Based on the nature of the incident, security breach might be anything from lower risk to highly critical. In an enterprise, a security breach is typically governed, determined and mitigated by the firewall. When any form of abnormality or intrusion is detected, then firewall sends a notification to the security administrator.

Types of security breaches:

There are five forms of security breaches that are to be analysed by a network and businesses:

  • Malware: It is a general concept describing virus. Worms and Trojans are basic versions of malware. Hence, it is highly recommended not to click on attachments or links given in the emails.
  • Phishing: It attempts to retrieve secretive data by masking intention and making a website to have an official look.
  • Password attacks: Cyber criminals execute a program that attempts different passwords for gaining access to data. Combinational attacks or brute force attack cracks secure Hence, an organisation should assure that passwords used by them are secure enough.
  • Ransomware: It is another popular form of a security breach which impacts the business requiring access to secretive information on a timely An intruder will gain accessibility of the organisation system and then lock it from all access.
  • Denial of service: A website is flooded with data or requests till the system is crashed. The hacker will involve a host of the personal host to perform this attack. This type of security breaches will impact large organisation, and it is usually a type of protest.

How can students draft report on computer security breach?

  • Initially, students need to search the internet for finding news related to security breaches.
  • After finding this website, student will focus on the problem in the given case to find relevant facts and figures
  • Students mention the loophole that leads to occurrence of this kind of security breach
  • When the reason behind the occurrence of threat is determined, certain mitigation measures are proposed to override these issues.


Hacking is known as an attempt to exploit a private network. It is unintended access or control over network security for certain illicit objectives. This practice may be ethical or unethical. An activity in which one breaks into the system and do not violate security, as well as credentials, is known as ethical hacking. Ethical hackers tend to bring into administrator’s considerations, voids and vulnerability, thereby improvising the security and robustness.

How to make assignments on hacking cases?

  • A student needs to conduct thorough research to find a popular hacking case on the internet that occurs within 2012-2016.
  • Then, the problem aligned with the website is evaluated
  • All the affected entities are defined in this section whether it is customers or stakeholders of the organisation
  • The process to execute this attack is demonstrated in this section
  • At last, some of the preventive measures that can be performed to mitigate these attacks are defined.

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