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What are the design principles?

Design principles are defined as a collection of considerations that produce the basis of any of the product. Design Principles assist the teams in the decision making. There are some simple principles will guide the team towards the making of accurate decisions. The principles and elements of design are called as the building blocks. The elements related to design are known as things that develop a design. The design principles are what we do to those elements. Different elements related to design involve:

Shape: A shape is called as a self-contained described area related to geometric (circles and squares) or organic. The positive shape also makes the negative shape automatically.

Line: The linear marks created with brush or pen or the edge made when two different shapes meet.

Texture: Texture is defined as a surface quality of the shape: smooth, hard, rough etc.

Color: Color is called as a light reflected off objects, and it has three major characteristics such as name, value and intensity.

Direction: All the lines have some directions such as Oblique, vertical and horizontal. The horizontal recommends stability, calmness and tranquillity. Vertical offers the feeling of formality, alertness and balance. Oblique recommends the action and movement.

The principles of design

  • Proximity: It makes the relationship between different elements. It offers the focal point. It doesn’t meet means that the entire elements have to be kept together; it means that they must be visually interconnected in some way.
  • Balance: The balance in design is same as balance in physics. The small shape near to the centre can be balanced by the smallest shape near to the edge. Balance offers structure and stability to the design.
  • Alignment: It permits us to make the order as well as the company. Aligning elements permits them to make the visual connection with all.
  • Repetition: It strengthens the design with the collaboration of the individual elements together. It assists to make the consistency and association Repetition can make the rhythm.
  • Contrast: It is the combination of opposing elements, and it permits to emphasize the important elements related to the design.
  • Space: It is defined as an art that refers to the area or distance around, between, below or within elements. Both negative and positive spaces are essential factors which are to be considered in all the designs.
  • Hierarchy: When you have a large number of elements in the design, you need to assure that you are providing some extra weight visually to the important message. This is known as hierarchy, and it can be finished in a number of ways such as bolder fonts, larger fonts, keeping your essential message physically higher than some other information.

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