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There are many students who want to write an in-depth and impressive but their writings are often criticized; therefore, they feel particularly down before the exam. Including the thoughts and good ideas is fine but sometimes it is not enough to convince the readers and the checkers. Including personal opinions should also have a limit.

Although the article has your own opinions, you should avoid subjective prejudice or personal criticism. In particular, it is not useful to use such tricks. Perhaps in the face of key important exams, the student may catch the biases of the checker, and finally get a high score in the test. But, the chances are thin.

So, how does a student write a high score composition?

In answering,‘how to write a good composition’,first of all, what must first be defined is "good composition".  I think that a "good composition" must do the following:

First, the composition must express what the student has in his or her mind.

Second, the composition should be full of imagination, writing is to use your superpower.

Third, the composition must have artistic conception.

For example: "How much does 1+1 equal?" I believe that everyone knows that it is equal to 2, but if it is converted into a composition, it is "one plus one equals eleven," which is a more artistic interpretation. However, the above definition does not fully comply with our essay writing.

Then what is the composition of the test written? In fact, what we wrote was not "essay" but "exam composition." The biggest difference between the two lies in the "formula solution" in the "examination composition". What is "formula solution"? I think there are several formulas that can be solved:

The first formula - quotes and sentences

Although the famous quotes are just gorgeous packaging, it is recommended that you recite some words and phrases, at least ten sentences, and try to choose different aspects. You don't have to leave the words alone, as long as you don't have too much.

The second formula - be sure to hold up the title

The so-called question button means "say your answer to the question in various forms." For example, if the topic is "The most depressing personality," my answer is "arrogant." When I don't know how to write, I would like to say the things in various different ways.

I use the following three ways to explain:

First, it is always high up, thinking that he is the most gifted person in the world. I can't bear to see him as being "extremely arrogant." He is probably the person who has seen the most defiant in my entire life.

Second, when they learned to overlook, they did not understand the perspective of the next person. When such a pretentious person fell from the altar, he could not even treat a fallen fish. This kind of person's "arrogance" is the only one in the world. The most disgusting and sad existence!

Third, when one does not want to admit that he is but an ordinary person in ordinary life, this kind of self-abasement, which is proud but afraid of people's negation, may manifest itself in a nauseating form, probably the so-called "arrogance"!

The above three examples use various textual descriptions, but in fact, they only repeatedly describe the hatefulness of "arrogance." However, I use these words to wrap the text so that it does not look so straightforward and at the same time, it is consistent with the question. This is what I call the “deduction question”.

The deduction has three advantages:
One, every paragraph appears, will make the professor think that there is a sense of logic.
Second, no problem.
Third, the professor can grasp the core of the article from beginning to end, and deepen the impression.


The third formula - designing a comparative sentence

In the rhetoric, I think that except for the analogy, the other is just a derivative of the examination system; but because it is an examination composition, designing a comparative sentence does not hurt.

The fourth formula - don't use too many bombastic words

A good writing does not mean that the "essay composition" will also be good. Although some gorgeous words can be used, the "examination composition" emphasizes reasoning. Do not let the word be convinced that it is better than that; perhaps you feel that your writing is good, but in the eyes of others,However, it may not be worthwhile. Therefore, it is very important to use "substituted thinking" when writing!

The fifth formula - Positive ideas

My thoughts were actually quite grey, but for the sake of learning, I gave in because professors seemed to prefer positive endings or arguments.

The sixth formula - don't use arguments that are too rampant

Regardless of examples or quotes, it is important not to use examples that are vulgar and or so to say something different.

As for the mention of "dead relatives," in the freedom struggle can indeed earn sympathy. However, due to excessive proliferation, this style of writing has become mundane. Even if it is true, it is very easy to be suspected of its authenticity.


In short, "examination composition" is to deduct content, illustrate, cite quotes, discuss positively, make good use of rhetoric, and pay attention to whether or not your example has become a popular stereotype; in the end, "hand speed" is also very important. The number of paragraphsshould be usually more than the number of points; of course, you cannot ignore the quality.

Writing ability is usually the cumulative strength, although not necessarily within a month you can make a big comeback, but the candidates who participated in the test, after the practical experience with the test, should first recall and review the test and what should be improved in their performance.

To see the subject, first of all, it takes 2 to 3 minutes to read the writing guide to find the subject and inspiration. The first step is to examine the question correctly. Before writing down first lay out the article in the mind and the number of words. Do not use less than 500 words; paragraphs should be 4 or 5 paragraphs, and the passage must be clearly defined.

Learn the Correct questioning, articulation, punctuation, and word without making big mistakes. Check if you have cited quotes and phrases, examples, and uses rhetorical terms such as paraphrase. The typeface should be neat and tidy.

In the end, we must pay special attention to consistency: it is better to write an essay every three days and ask the teacher to correct it. It should be completed within a limited time to practice actual exam settings and performance enhancement.

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