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Highlights and Participation are the concepts of management and the assessment related to this is designed to examine the skills, knowledge and capabilities of the students. In this assessment, the student has to select one article and provide highlights about this. Highlight is defined as a short collection regarding bullet points that suggest the core findings of the article and provide the readers with textual overview related to an article with quick manner. In this assessment, each highlight should be in the limited words, i.e. 250 words only as per instructions are given in the file. The solution file should be presented in the form of bullet points. For completion of assignments related to this, you can avail for online highlights and participation assignments experts who can provide you assistance to complete your assignments within the deadline properly.

How to work on this assessment?

To complete this assessment, the student needs to select one article from the list of different articles related to different topics. After the selection of this topic, you need to collect six different sources on the particular topic to highlight the core findings of each select source. For this assessment, I choose the article named journal of marketing and six different sources related to this. This assessment is very helpful for the students to create or develop their capability to critical thinking as well as joint learning skills. To complete the given assessment related to Highlights and Participation, the online assignment writing services can be the best option for the students that can help with the delivery of top-quality assignment solutions in all aspects.

What is marketing?

Marketing is defined as an activity, collection of institutions and procedures for communicating, delivering, making and exchanging providing that have customers value, clients, value, partners, value, and society at very large volume. Marketing research is defined as a function that links the customer, consumer and public to the marketer via information where information is utilized to detect as well as describe the problems and opportunities of marketing: refine, generate as well as evaluate the marketing actions, monitor performance of marketing as well as enhance understanding related to marketing as a procedure. Marketing research specifies the important information which is needed to address these all problems, design the mechanism of a collection of information, handles as well as deploys the process of data collection, analyzes the outcomes and interact all the findings and implications. To get more information about the marketing, you can avail for online Highlights and Participation assignments helpers easily.

After collecting the information regarding marketing, six different sources need to select related to the topic and highlight the key findings of each selected source. With the help of highlights, it is easy to examine the advantages, purpose, limitations, aim and other aspects related to the marketing. With the help of this, it can be easy for the students to build up their skills about a specific topic with the help of different sources. It can be a difficult task for the students to select six different sources related to marketing and study them deeply to highlight key findings of each source. At that time, Highlights and Participation assignment professionals can be very helpful for the students who are seeking for online assignment experts who can provide all types of assistance to them.

You can structure this file as given format:

  • Introduction
  • Article 1- key findings in 250 words
  • Article 2- key findings in 250 words
  • Article 3- key findings in 250 words
  • Article 4- key findings in 250 words
  • Article 5- key findings in 250 words
  • Article 6- key findings in 250 words


In the end, you need to select to give the list of sources that are selected to collect the information about the topic, i.e. marketing. With the help of online assignment assistance, you can easily complete your assignments related to Highlights and Participation with top-quality. For this, can be the best approach for the students for doing your assignments effectively.

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