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Digital forensics is defined as a procedure of interpreting as well as uncovering the electronic data. The main goal of this process is to protect any evidence in its most original from while executing the structured investigation by gathering, detecting as well as validating the overall digital information for the objective of reconstructing previous events. The context is frequently for the practice of the court of law, although the digital forensics can be utilised in some other instances. Digital forensic is also known as computer forensics. It is a science of detecting, recovering, preserving, presenting and analysing the facts regarding digital evidence recognized on digital storage or computers media devices.

Five different aspects related to digital forensics

Digital forensics is utilised to recover the digital evidence to be utilised in the court of law beside some disreputable offender. This is considered as true in several instances. Different types of criminal cases rely on the digital forensics to offer the evidence related to crimes. The digital forensics is broken into five different parts as discussed below:

  • Identify: The process of digital forensics initiates with the identification which is considered as an initial step to do digital forensics. In this, different aspects related to specific case needs to be identified
  • Preserve: It is considered as a critical part of the process of digital forensics, and the preservation needs to be done because it is very necessary to assure that the objects are unchanged as well as conserved in their real form or state.
  • Recover: In the process of digital forensics, there is some recovery procedure which can involve the recovery of all deleted files from the normal processes of OS, deliberately the deleted files, files protected with passwords and corrupted files.
  • Analyze: Analysis is a main aspect of the investigation. In this, all the data and information collected regarding specific case needs to be analysed to attain useful information. It is very important to do digital forensics and get appropriate results.
  • Present: This is one of the main parts of digital forensics which is executed after the completion of the overall This is the end goal regarding the digital forensics.

Different digital forensics tools

Digital forensics is called as an essential branch of computer science about internet and computer related crimes. Previously, the computers were only utilised to generate data, but in these days, it has increased to all the devices linked to the digital data. The main goal of digital forensics is to execute the crime investigations by utilising the evidence from the data to examine the responsible people for the crime. Different digital forensic tools are made for better investigation and research. The investigation agencies and police departments choose the tools based on several factors involving budgets as well as available professionals.

Various digital forensics tools can be classified into several categories such as:

  • File Viewers
  • File analysis tools
  • Disk & Data capture tools
  • Registry analysis tools
  • Internet analysis tools
  • Network forensics tools
  • Database forensics tools
  • Email analysis tools and others

Name of digital forensics tools




Digital Forensics Framework




PTK Forensics




Apart from this, some other digital forensics tools can be used for the investigation.

How to do this assignment?

Introduction: The complete information regarding the case and the report which needs to be made regarding the digital forensics should be given in this part.

Complete Scenario: In this part, the complete case needs to be discussed on which the investigation is performed. The overall case should be elaborated in this particular part.

Complete analysis: In this part, the analysis regarding the given case must be defined which can involve the detail regarding the affected people, and the culprits of that particular incident. The case must be analysed in this to get the required information about the incident.

Ethical and legal considerations: The legal and ethical considerations need to be defined in this part which needs to be considered by the investigators while investigating or prosecuting all this specific digital crime.

Utilized techniques: This section is very important in which all the techniques that are utilised for the investigation of the particular case need to be defined clearly. It can also involve the tools related to the digital forensics and some other mechanisms.

Facts and Findings: This section involves the facts and findings regarding the digital forensics investigation of that particular case.

Recommendations: On this part, some recommendations need to be discussed that can be helpful for the organisation to prevent the data and information from these kinds of issues in future. It can involve the security mechanisms, applications etc.


At the end, the complete report needs to be concluded.

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