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After analysing the marketing strategy of Tassal Company in Assessment 2, the students need to analyse the management of the Tassal company in assessment 3. The students need to have proper knowledge about the management to conduct this assignment in a better way. The assistance from the expert writers can help the students to complete their assignment on time.

Following is the guideline prepared for the students to prepare the assignment in a better way. With the help of this guideline, the students can attain high grades from the assignment.


The students need to provide the introduction and background of the company regarding the importance of the company to the Australian and international business landscape. There are various factors in the company that influence the importance of organisation or company for the business landscape. Tassal Company needs to pay attention towards the international business environment to acquire the opportunities in the foreign market. The company can conduct it on the Australian market base. This will help the company to understand the problems that can be faced by the company while adopting the international market.

Research, analysis and discussion of sustainability related to strategies and issues:

In this section, the students need to analyse the sustainability practices of Tassal as various factors play roles in the sustainability of the organisation such as planning organising, leading and controlling.

Planning and strategy:

The main purpose of strategic planning in organisational management is to set the goals, objectives to achieve and priorities of the activities and so on. It also focuses on the energy and resource power, the operational strength that ensures that the employees and stakeholders of the company are working towards the achievement of the target. The strategic planning in an organisation also helps in identifying the issues and discovering the possible solutions to mitigate those risks. The strategic planning also helps in adjusting the workforce into various activities according to their skills and strengths.

Human Resource Management:

Human Resource Management is also known as HRM, and it is vital for the management of the organisation. The main purpose of Human Resource management is to assign the right person at the right place. This will help the company to boost their productivity. The human resource management of company recruit new staff for the organisation by their skills and experience and respond to them accordingly. The human resource management decides the compensation, benefits of the employees in the organisation and motivates them to work together to achieve the goal.


Leadership is considered as the ability of the company to set and achieve the challenging targets by taking effective decisions and outperform the competition. The leadership is quality that can be performed by the person or company and it provides the direction to the company to achieve the target. A good quality leadership shows the best way to the employees of the company to achieve the target or fulfil the goals of the company. Good quality leadership involves clear communication skills in which the leader must listen to the team and understand their problems. A leader must be a good planner too so that a proper plan could be organised to achieve the target. A good planning is a base for the success of the project.

Controlling value chain and technology:

As in the modern time, every organisation is in competition with others in the matter of price, product quality, marketing strategy and the customer loyalty etc. In this matter, value chain analysis helps the company to take the competitive advantage over other companies. The value chain can be expressed as the list of activities which includes design, production, marketing and distribution of the product in the company. It starts with the manufacturing of the product and ends with the delivery of product to the customer. Poster's value chain is one of the best methods to express value chain. It is also known as Five Forces Model.

Future strategies management:

Strategic management is about the identification of strategies that managers carry to conduct better approach towards the achievement of goal or objective of the company in a better way. The strategic management provides the better competitive edge to the company over rivals in the market. There are several decision-making processes are developed in strategic management and the managers select the effective decision from it. To do strategic management, the managers need to perform SWOT analysis and acquire the necessary information for the decision making process. The expert writers can assist the students to achieve their target in given period and can help them to attain high grades from the assignment. The team of expert writers of our company are well qualified and carries immense knowledge about different subjects to assist students professionally.

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