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Learning organisation

Learning organisation is the concept given to an enterprise that facilitates learning of staff to have a continual transformation of the organisation. Learning organisation is developed as an outcome of pressures that are being encountered by the enterprises for encouraging them to become competitive in the current business environment. Learning organisation enables to become a highly interconnected mechanism of thinking. The facet of a learning organisation is hailed as a panacea for the success of the organisation in the active global economy. The crucial ingredient of a learning organisation is how an enterprise processes the managerial experiences. It learns from experiences instead of being bound with past experiences. A dimension which differentiates a learning organisation from a legacy organisation is mastery of specific fundamental disciplines.

Main characteristics of learning organisation

System thinking

The concept of learning organisation generated from the body of work termed as system thinking. It is a conceptual framework which enables an individual to study organisational business as bounded entities. Learning organisation involves this technique of thinking while evaluating the enterprise and includes information system which measures organisational performance. System thinking demonstrates that all attributes should be evident at once in an enterprise for it to become a learning organisation.

Personal Mastery

Enterprises learn only from individuals who learn. It does not assure organisational learning. This is a discipline of continually deepening and clarifying the personal vision of employee, of developing patience and analysing reality objectively. An individual having a higher level of personal mastery resides in continuous learning mode. People are acutely aware of incompetence, ignorance as well as growth areas. Thus he is deeply self confident.

Mental models

Mental models are thoroughly intrinsic generalisations, assumptions and images which influence how the world can be understood and how actions can be taken. These assumptions kept by organisations and individuals are known as mental models. For becoming a learning organisation, such models should be challenged. It involves the potential to perform meaningful conversations that balance advocacy and inquiry where individuals expose the thinking effectively.

Developing shared vision

Development of shared vision is essential in employee motivation for learning because it generates a common identity which offers energy and focuses on learning. The practice of shared vision includes the abilities to unearth shared future pictures which foster genuine enrolment and commitments instead of compliance.

Team learning

The integration of individual learning composes team learning. The advantage of shared or team learning is that team grow rapidly, and capacity of solving issues is enhanced due to best access to expertise and knowledge. Team learning is analysed as the process of creating and aligning the team capacities to generate the results desired by the members.

Benefits of learning organisation

Learning organisation vigorously facilitates rewards and promotes collective learning. The major benefits of learning organisation are summarised as beneath:

  • Maintain innovation level and remain competitive
  • Being a best placed to respond to exterior pressures
  • Possess knowledge of link resources to consumer requirements efficiently
  • Enhance output quality of different levels
  • Increase the pace of modifications in an organisation
  • Enhance corporate image enterprise by becoming people oriented

Acquiring principles of learning organisation

The initial phase is to generate a timeline for initiating the form of changes essential to acquire principles of learning organisation:

Phase 1: Generate an interaction system for facilitation the information exchange based on which learning organisation is developed. Clarifying the difficult concepts of highly precise language is essential.

Phase 2: Organise a readiness questionnaire that is known to be the tool for assessing the distance where an enterprise is and where it will like to be in the context of seven dimensions.

Phase 3: It is committed to develop, maintain and facilitate the atmosphere that accumulates learning.

Phase 4: In this phase, a vision is developed for organisation and mission statement is written with the help of team contribution.

Phase 5: Training, as well as awareness programs, are used for developing skills and analysing attitudes which are desired to reach the targets of the mission statement.

Phase 6: In this phase, new practices are initiates by emphasising the learning and contribution of the team.

Phase 7: It enables employee to ask key business practices as well as assumptions

Phase 8: Workable expectations are developed for the future actions

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