ICT-563 | Implement Geo Blocking Mechanism to Stop DDoS Attack

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The assignments related to the information system and information technology are very complex, and it needs proper guidance from expert writers to achieve the main target of an assignment. The main concept of this assignment is Denial of Service attack which is also known as DoS attack. The main function of DoS attack is to make the online services unavailable to a node by overwhelming the traffic from a number of resources. In order to prepare this assignment, the student needs to have adequate knowledge about denial of service attack. In case if the students feel difficulty in preparing this assignment, the expert practice of our company can assist the students to complete this assignment with quality.

This assignment is generally based on the case study. Therefore, it is necessary for the students to read and understand the case study before starting this assignment. After reading the case study, the students need to build an outline for a business report of the case study by assuming the assumptions in the beginning. As defined in the case study the students need to evaluate the decisions of the management. The student needs to evaluate the decisions taken by management on the basis of lead to distributed denial of service attack.

The expert writers of our company have developed a guideline for the students through which the students can take reference and prepare the assignment accordingly.

Executive summary

In the executive summary, the students need to discuss the main points of the report. The executive summary must be concise and clear, and it must represent the conclusion and recommendations. While writing an executive summary, the students must keep it straight to the point.


In the introduction part, the student must specify the main problem that the organisation is facing. The student must discuss denial of service (DOS) attack on the organisation. After stating the issues that the company is facing due to denial of service attack, the student needs to address the assumptions that are made by them. The students need to keep the introduction concise and clear. Our professional writers can assist the students with topics related to DoS and DDoS attacks and help them to attain high grade in the assignment.

Body paragraph - Forgot to implement a geo-blocking mechanism to stop distributed denial of service attacks

The body paragraph is the main paragraph of the assignment. Therefore, it is necessary for the students to provide every little detail regarding case study and denial of service attack on the organisation. In the body paragraph, the student need to critically analyse the management decisions which leads to a successful DDOS attack. In this paragraph, the students can critically analyse that if the company forgot to implement Geo-blocking mechanism how it leads to denial of service attacks.

The student can discuss the recommendations that can help the company to improve the performance of the organisation and the mitigation of denial of service (DOS) attack. In this paragraph, the student can discuss various assumptions that can be adopted by the organisation to avoid denial of service attack (DOS) in future.

Conclusion and Recommendations

This is the last paragraph of the assignment, and in this paragraph, the student needs to discuss the main points of the assignment and sure that the project becomes successful for the organisation.

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