5 IOT Trends an IT Professional Must Know

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Last year was exciting in terms of technology in addition to the international and political fronts. IOT was the centre of attraction out of all the techniques which created a significant impression in the year. Scientists predict that the graph of the devices that would be connected to IoT reach 20 billion by the year 2020.

Not only the number, but the fund related to those devices and technology will also generate a business of $300 billion in revenue. These are the two prime reasons for the fast adoption of the IoT devices by almost every industry. The leading industries are implementing Internet of Things to get a J-curve in their bottom figure on their income statement.

Let us have a look at the trends introduced in the technology-


Now the cloud computing will become an out-of-date concept, and edge computing will take its place. Till date, all the data of the devices operating on the internet of things were stored in the cloud. From 2018 onwards, the entire scenarios have changed and are worth noticing by the IT students.

Relying on the edge for the storage, computation and data analyzing is the trend followed by the top IT developers and manufactures.

What is the edge?

Edge is a network on which the data of IoT devices will be stored through the local devices situated closer to the IOT devices. On the other hand, under cloud computing, the data was first sent to the cloud.


Resisting the charm of IoT powered smart devices is difficult. Smart home technology will strengthen and used widely due to its high intuitiveness, and innovation.

Other key factors responsible for the success and the popularity of the technology is its safety parameter. Along with providing comfort due to the automation, home security, and the safety of the family drive millions of eyes towards it.

For example, the warning which you get on crossing the line by the dryer help you in preventing a fire. Smart thermostats and smart lightning tend to save a lot of energy units.


The introduction of IoT in the medical field is the most important application of the technology. The sector will truly embrace the prowess of IoT.

IoMT- Internet of Medical Things can be the new term.

Virtual assistants for monitoring the patient health at home, mobile security, and health applications, smart wearables, are a few examples of change in the healthcare sector.


Data which is to be processed and analyzed will rise with a J-curve due to the billions of consumers and industrial devices connected to IoT. Along with data gathering, extraction of the actionable insights from the data is needed. For this to happen smoothly, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data techniques are the requisites.

AI+ IOT+ Big Data à Next-generation applications + Advancements


Higher the use of the IoT devices, more the need for IoT security. Why so? It is because the data if floating in the air will be like inviting a threat to your safety, patients’ health. That is why IoT has to turn to the secured level.

It is of prime concern because all the devices are not equipped with the security features as the computers and laptops are.

What will happen in the future?

  • The layering of machine-to-machine authentication
  • Biometrics logins will become norms
  • ML and AI be used for the identification of the data breaching

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