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Design decisions for that security after the system has become the important part of the websites senior developers and Architects often make decisions regarding the performance of the application and other significant impacts on the application regarding the security purpose in future. In these decisions authenticating the user are some necessary decisions of security in a system that are required to be taken. Sometimes the decisions to restrict page access to the authorised user are also taken because of some security purposes. Therefore, it is necessary for senior developers and Architects to make better design decisions for the security of the website.

5 Key design decisions to secure system

Session replication: with a number of users on the website it is necessary to make the balance between the website response and load on the website. Presenting the static content on the website is relatively easier, but the challenges start to arise when the application maintained Street information over multiple requests from the users. In this situation, there are several ways we can be adopted to tackle a session replication such as:

  • Allow the client to maintain state so that someone doesn't have to maintain its state.
  •  Persist state data in the database rather than in server memory.
  • Use application server built-in session replication Technology
  • Times each session to particular server by modifying the session cookie.

From the above-given methods, maintaining State on the client and easiest to implement, but this single decision is one of most serious decision for the security of the client-server application. Because in this situation the client can modify any data or information and can send it to the organization. By providing the state with the client, there are chances of data modification by the user which is not acceptable.

Authorization context: The authorization context is one of the most challenging topics for the senior developers and Architects. Enterprise applications often perform a basic level of authorization to provide access to the network. In this level of authorization, it is ensured that the user has sufficient access and rights to get a better view of different specified features. The main problem that senior developers and Architects face with the authorization is the multi-layer, domain-specific problem which is not easy for the senior developers to handle. The best solution is to anticipate the need for authorization for into the call stack and make a proper design to ensure there are integrity, availability and security in the website. In some cases, it means the explicitly passing user context several layers deeper. There are some other approaches that include some type of section or thread specific lookup mechanism that allows any code to get access to session-related data. the best solution for the problem is to plan about this problem upfront so that the unnecessary time could be avoided.

Tag versus code in views: From the last decade, most of the web application development frameworks have made it practical to code entire view or server pages completely with tags. But building exclusively with tags can bring up some frustration in case if you need to add a quick functionality inside of you and there is no readymade tag for that function at the moment. Some architect and senior leaders take a strict decision regarding the views that must be composed entirely of tags while some of the architects are more liberal in their approach. Some of the applications which are based on command line make it difficult for the senior developer to develop cross-site scripting.

Choice of development framework: The Framework for the development of the website also affects the speed regarding the prevention and mitigation of security vulnerabilities in the website. In Java frameworks, it is necessary to build all solution or to use the library of the third party to build an application. In this case, the selection of development framework that takes security seriously can help to lead on a better way for the development of the website.

Logging and monitoring approach: The last key design decisions are logging, and monitoring approach as most of the web applications implement some level of Diagnostics login. From the perspective of design, it is necessary to authenticate login and consider logins approach as a measure of self-defence from the intruders. The ability to detect failures or fast steps if the first step to spot the risks and this would help in providing a better understanding to develop a mitigation plan for the risks.

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