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Usability evaluation focuses on the way of learning by the users and the utilization of the product to achieve all the goals. It also refers to the user satisfaction with some specific process. To collect the information, the practitioners utilize a large number of mechanisms that collect feedback from all the users regarding the existing system or plans for the new solution.

What did you mean by Usability?

The usability is defined as the quality related to the experience of users when communicating with the systems or products involving software, websites, applications or websites. Usability is just about the efficiency, effectiveness as well as entire user’s satisfaction.

It is very essential to realize that the usability is not a one-dimensional property related to the system, product or user interface. Usability is a combination of different factors involving:

  • Intuitive Design: It is a nearly effortless understanding regarding the architecture and navigation of the site.
  • Ease of learning: How fast the user who has not viewed the user interface before can complete the basic activities.
  • The effectiveness of use: How fast the user can complete the task.
  • Subjective satisfaction: If the user likes utilizing the system.

Define evaluation methods?

The key to the development of highly scalable websites is employing the design of user-centred. “Test early and often” expression is particularly suitable when it comes to the usability testing. There are several methods that permit you to help in the development of information architecture, content, interaction design, content, visual design and general satisfaction of the user.

Different opportunities for the testing involve:

  • Surveys, focus groups or interviews to develop the goals of the user
  • Baseline usability testing on current site or system
  • Card sort testing to help with the development of IA
  • Wireframe testing for the evaluation of navigation
  • First, click testing to measure end to end user interaction
  • Satisfaction surveys to view that how the website fares in this world

Working with data from the testing

The usability evaluations can collect two different types of data such as quantitative data and qualitative data. The qualitative data defines the thoughts of participants and the quantitative data documents the happenings. After the collection of data, you can utilize it to:

  • Recommend enhancements
  • Deploy the recommendations
  • Evaluate the usability of the website
  • Re-check the website to measure the efficiency of all the changes

The usability evaluation is also defined as a procedure that entails several activities that depending on the mechanism employed. The common activities involve:

  • Capture: It contains the collection of usability data like errors, guideline violations, subjective ratings and completion time of the task.
  • Analysis: It contains interpreting the usability data to detect the issues in the interface.
  • Critique: it involves recommending the improvements or solutions to avoid all the problems.

There are several types of techniques related to usability evaluation that have been introduced and the subsets related to those techniques are used very commonly. Some of the evaluation techniques like formal usability testing can be applied only after the prototype or interface design has been deployed. There is another technique, i.e. heuristic evaluation which can be applied in the early stages related to designing. Each technique in has its own needs, and distinct techniques uncover several problems related to the usability. Automating different aspect related to usability testing has various potential benefits over non-automated evaluation like:

  • Increase of consistency of all uncovered errors
  • Increase the coverage of all evaluated features
  • Enabling differences between the different designs
  • Depicting error and time costs across the complete design
  • Decreasing the requirement for evaluation capability amongst the individual evaluators
  • Decreasing the cost related to usability testing

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