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The ethics leadership and the decision making are two important pillars of an organisation to make it successful. There are many concerns related to the ethics in the corporates, and the ethical leadership and decision making help in finding best solution from the ethical dilemma. The ethical principles in the organisation help in broadening the priorities of individual and corporate beyond profit enrichment. The ethical decision making is about taking the decisions which are taken by concerning the value of individuals and company assets rather than only profit consideration.

  • Ethical dilemma for a company is a situation in which the company face the problem while taking decision for two possible moral acts. In this situation, the company must take the decision which is in favour of the company by keeping in mind the values of individual and company assets. In this assignment, the student needs to identify one of the companies which have faced the ethical dilemma in last two years. The student must discuss the ethical dilemma of the company.
  • There are different types of managerial ethics that can be used to examine this dilemma in the company. The students must mention at least two theoretical concepts of managerial ethics to examine the dilemma of the organisation. The virtue-based managerial theory and Justice based managerial theory are two main theories that are generally used for examination of ethical dilemma in the company. The expert writers of our company have immense knowledge regarding the ethical decision-making Thus, we provide the best help for assignments to the students.
  • Virtue-based Managerial Theory: This theory is based on the virtues of employees. It examines that how the virtues affect the behaviour of the employees towards the company.
  • The justice-based managerial theory is another managerial theory which encompasses the comparison of various factors of the organisation such as fairness in the decision-making process, impartiality and equity. This managerial theory is also helpful in examining the ethical dilemma in the organisation.
  • Further on, the students need to examine and critically evaluate these theoretical concepts which are discussed previously in the assignment. The virtue theory mainly focuses on the right things that are required to perform in the organisation for the welfare of employees. The justice theory on the other side mainly focuses on the justice in organisation regarding employees or group of people. It is necessary to make the theories concise and clear. The justice theory mainly concerns about the inequality, partiality and unfairness with the employee

Ethical Leadership and Decision making

The ethical leadership refers to the way through which the leader leads his/her team to accomplish the target by considering ethical values and beliefs. The ethical leadership has some major elements that make it ethically correct such as honesty, trust, consideration, fairness between team members, equity in favouring and charisma. This quality of leader makes it possible for the leader to lead the team in a better way. The students often find it difficult to prepare the assignments regarding ethical leadership. We provide the best assistance to students for ethics assignment help to attain high grades from the assignment. The students can acquire the best assignment help from our writers by taking their assignments before the deadline.

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