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Artificial Intelligence is defined as areas related to computer science that emphasises the making of different types of intelligent machines that react as well to work such as humans. The activities computers with AI (Artificial Intelligence) are designed for involve:

  • Learning
  • Speech Recognition
  • Problem Solving
  • Planning

AI is known as a branch of computer science that aims to make various types of intelligent machines.  It has now become an important part of the industry of technology. The research related to the artificial intelligence is highly specialised and technical. The main issues related to artificial intelligence involve programming computers for some traits like Reasoning, Perception, Planning, Knowledge, Problem Solving, Learning and Capability to move and manipulate objects. Knowledge engineering is considered as an important part of the research related to Artificial Intelligence. Machines are frequently performed as well as react similarly to humans only if they contain plentiful information about the world. AI must have access to the categories, objects, relations as well as properties between all of them to deploy the knowledge engineering. Beginning reasoning, common sense, as well as problem-solving power in all the machines, is hard and the tedious approach.

Machine learning is another important part of artificial intelligence. Learning without any control needs the capability to detect patterns in distinct streams related to inputs, whereas learning with appropriate command includes numerical regression and classification. The classification determines the part an object that belongs to as well as regression deals with obtaining the collection numerical output or input.

Ethical dilemma associated with the deployment of Artificial Intelligence

Detecting fraud, optimising logistics, composes art, providing translations, conducting research: Intelligent machine systems are changing our lives for the better. As these all the systems become more competent, our world now becomes more efficient as well as consequently richer. Artificial intelligence is an emerging technology due to which there are several types of ethics, and risk assessments found related to this, which are as follows:

  • Unemployment
  • Inequality
  • Humanity
  • Artificial stupidity
  • Racist robots
  • Security
  • Evil Genies
  • Singularity
  • Robot Rights

Various philosophical theories of ethics

Moral Theories or normative theories related to ethics are meant to assist us in determining that the performed actions are right or wrong. A moral theory is defined as a method for assessing that, whether performed rule or action is ethically justified or not. Famous moral theories involve the categorical imperative, Aristotelian virtue ethics, utilitarianism, stoic virtue ethics etc. Three necessary uses of these ethical theories are as follows:

  • Understanding regarding moral dilemmas
  • Justification regarding professional ideas and obligations
  • Professional morality and relating ordinary

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